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Let the QQ begin


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Sever Tendon is the most absurd thing I've seen. Low CD root+snare that reliably bypasses Resolve bar at 10m range...


I can't comment on 50 PvP healing just yet. But I'd kill to have that on my merc. Much better than running around in circles dropping Kolto Missile gas clouds and Emergency Scans when they're up while getting punched in the back of the neck by three people or deciding to screw it and just plant your feet on the ground to hard-cast spells and get continually punched in the face.


Not saying that Merc healers aren't effective in PvP.

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So if my opening damage is now the same as an assassin's then where is the other mass utilities assassins have over us at? You call that balance? lol



Funny how most operatives like to talk about assassins utility and they forgot that they HAVE FREAKING HEALS, and FRIENDLY DISPEL!


what assassins have? Taunt and an AoE KB?

For the pull they need to be tank spec, which doesn't deal half of Operative burst.

To get out of snares with the dash they also need to be tank...

Same goes for guard.


So assassins have to spec tank to have most of that utility, in trade for burst.

Operatives have to spec heals to have most of their utility, (yes, healing IS utility.)


How isn't that fair? What do you want? a knockback? don't OP have a root on short cooldown that ignores resolve bar? Much more useful for a mellee class imo. Having healing, even if it's not spec'd, makes a big difference. I've saved the ball carrier several times with my silly 2.5sec heals and dispelling debuffs.


Remember kids, the best pvp class is always the one you are not playing.

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Guess what.


You guys are now balanced with Assassins in terms of both being stealth classes. With Op's in there current state, there was little to no reason to even roll an Assassin if you wanted to be a stealth class. That was literally how it was, until this re-balance.


Deal with it.


Now both of the stealth AC's do comparable burst dmg when leaving stealth, not a complete difference.


Yeah, they do comparable burst when leaving stealth. But afterwards assassins have way more sustained DPS AND more utility (knockback anyone?) AND more survivability (shield wall, force speed)

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This is better than before from every perspective.


Are you bad enough to stray so far from the pack that an Operative can single you out and kill you during the 8 seconds he can keep you in place, with no team mates being able to reach you? Well then shame on you, baddie.

most people going around alone in a WZ are just going back to the fight after a death.


Are you bad enough to not use your CC-breaker on the second stun and waste it on the first, then you deserve to die, baddie.


again with the stupid attitude of thinking every single person in the game has to save his CC breaker for an operative. way to go bro.


Are you as an Operative good enough to chain your CCs, single out straying opponents and kill them, you deserve the kill. If the opponent is good enough to read through your scheme and kill you, then that kill is equally deserved.


i'm sorry, how is chaining CC a sign of a player being good? it's an elementary rotation a blind monkey with 1 hand could pull off. Same goes for taking on the lone guy instead of that other one in the middle of a pack, it's called not being idiots.


this is the kind of posts that makes our class hated, self proclaimed PvP pros shamelessly defending obvious design flaws that just gives us an insane advantage. Let's face it, it's even worse than before for other guys now, it's either they have CC breaker available or they're cannon fodder.

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I thought i made my point clear. This is a pvp buff. I dont care about pve or even mention anything about pve. This is a pvp buff for operatives and will cause us to be nerfed again. Most likely in a hot fix tmrw.


If they hot fix that without giving us anything in return, I'm done. Not just with the class, with the game in general.

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