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More named NPCs


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Firstly, my apologies to anyone if this has been posted before; I did search the forums for this suggestion, but did not immediately find a similar post.


My suggestion, as the title states, is: more named NPCs.


In the space ports and cities, there are hundreds of NPCs that are not quest related and consequently not clickable and therefore have no name.

I believe naming unimportant NPCs would bring a richness and depth to this game making it feel more "alive" and realistic.


As it stands now, though not game-breaking, there are many NPCs that stand around or patrol that seem out of place and that seem as if they do not belong there.

The game loses a certain depth by having them there with no name, but not nearly as much had they never been there at all.


I understand this is something that would rank pretty low on the priority list, but it is also something very easy to delegate to any group of people inside Bioware. (QA maybe? -- might be rewarding) It is also something that can be done in very small increments throughout future patches. E.g.: Patch 1.1.2, in addition to fixes/improvements, added names for 48 NPCs on the planets of Dromand Kaas and Alderaan.


Again, I believe naming the myriad of NPCs in the game will add a depth and richness to the overall feel of the game; it would help flesh out the KotOR universe making it feel more alive and enriching.


Thank you for reading,



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