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So, this is the way to handle launch..


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You´ve recieved huge success, Est 2 mil preorders..


So we made you rich.



So, why do we as people who pay? and will pay for years.. accept this treatment

OF waiting to join, of a "Pre-access"


I just love how some newb will have lvl 40-50, before i get my "Pre-access"


Talking about waves, not going in to detail..making people wait and suffer..


The customer is always right, except at Bioware..


Problems with server overload? get more servers..aint that hard.. if you get 2mil+ preorders..

Something of 100 servers should not be alot.



Launch enviroment, even with queue.. is the best, and will always be.




In my opinion this so called "Pre-Access", a big Fail.


Yes its a nerd rage, but the customer is always right.. he who waits for his food to long will leave, except this time youve given money PRE.



And i dont care for smart *** posts " QQ," "Patience yoda"

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