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Complete inquisitor datacron guide


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Hey everyone, I wrote a datacron guide specifically for the inquisitor class (willpower, endurance, presence) that I think some people will find it helpful if they have not yet obtained all of their datacrons.


I like pictures and I find them helpful for locating things rather than coordinates so my guide has a fair bit of them. Hopefully it doesn't take too long to load everything and I made it easy to view the images without having to click to another page via the so called lightbox/thickbox feature (hopefully it works).


It covers the following planets and I think it is very complete.











Nar Shaddaa


Dromund Kaas




Unfortunately the default swtor forums do not handle images well and it would be a nightmare to manually upload all these images here. I have published them in the links below instead.


:sy_lightside:Link: http://dulfyforce.wordpress.com/2012/01/30/sith-inquisitor-complete-datacron-guide/


:sy_lightside:If you are having trouble with the formating/loading etc of that link, I suggest you try this link here, it is formatted per planet basis and has less images to load. http://feature.mmosite.com/swtor/inquisitor_datacron_guide.shtml

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Thanks a lot for this guide! It looks like it's going to be extremely helpful when I get around to collecting datacrons on my sorc! A lot of "guides" just have coordinates, but I like how you've circled the target area on the map and provided screenshots of the area!


Keep up the good work! Kudos!:D

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That is because they don't...


I suggest you mouse over your bonus damage on your character sheet before commenting.


although str is not our primary stat (like it was in early beta) it is still useful to assassins.

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