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How to do Ilum as Republic?


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Looking for ideas for tactics on how to actually complete Ilum quests. I'm completely out of ideas.


Going During Off Hours:

This morning I woke up early to try and head to Ilum to farm armaments before Empire was awake. To my surprised, there were 2 Republic on Ilum including me, and 20 Empire.


I was able to gank two random Empire in the center, but could not get any armaments. After that I was forced to flee since they began actively looking for me.


Solo Ganking:

Basically the same as above. It's easy to rack up a few kills, but you can't continue for long, as the Empire will be told where you are. Also, since this is a solo approach, it's very rough for non-geared players, as most of the Empire in Ilum are geared out and many are Battlemasters.


Baiting Them:

With a group of about 10 people, we would take over random nodes, and it would appear that only a few people were there. We'd get a handful of Empire come in and destroy them. Rinse and repeat a few times and we racked up about 10 kills. After that, the Empire was on to us and would just attack us with 30+ people. The group split up after that.


Gathering a Large Group:

A few nights ago we gathered some extra people from the Republic Fleet, and ended up with a good 25 people on Ilum. However Empire side still had 50 people, so it was still a bloodbath.



Seems like the only real option for Republic is to try and kill-trade.

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If you play a class with a knockback there are a couple of good "skydiving" places around the middle. All you need to do is act like you just came out from a bg and those poor sith jump all over you just to take flying lessons. Best feeling in the world when you are fighting 3 peeps and just as you knockbacks a fourth person leaps on you only to instant die :):):):):)
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Putting an ops group together is actually the worst thing you can do as Republic. If you assemble say 8 - 10 people and start picking off the few zerg riding around; they will see you as a threat and roll in with 30+ and just annihilate you.


The best, most efficient way to do your daily is to get a good group of 4 and just ride between battles. Getting 2 or 3 kills as you go. The second you kill the first one you're announced in general and they descend like maggots on a dead cow.


Kill a couple, mount to another battle, repeat until finished.

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Ops groups can be good even if they are 8-10 players... Empire will camp the middle but they'll also expect you to come towards centre from the spawn area but there are three other ways up to the centre and all will allow you to 'take them from behind' :)


Yesterday there were about 15 Empire players on Ilum and with me (Healer) I had 2 DPS, we used the none stealther as bait and could take on 5-6 kills each battle unless the enemy managed to leap on me at which point we were down.


Also moving and taking the points will bring them to you meaning you can move round the other side of the map, kill stragglers and also take some armourments....


As the republic you gotta keep moving... moving moving moving!

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Imps get farmed and steamrolled on my server, even with your highschool flash mob of a zerg. Long live the republic.


This ^


I almost feel bad for them... Almost. Well, not really at all. I was just trying to be nice, I really hope they all die to my shotgun painfully.

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Guerillia tactics,


don't put up a "fair" fight anywhere for long.


Ride around in small raid-parties of 4-8 players and pick off smaller groups as they come. Whenever you score a few kills, make sure to move quickly before the Zerg arrives.

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