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The law of pvp


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so if the healer is being guarded by a melee who keeps popping his aoe taunt keep hitting the healer, check.


taunt lasts 6 sec? and if you cant focus fire a healer down in 3 secs ur terribad..also , by smacking healer the person shielding is also taking damage. which gives u an easier time with tank classes.


how the hell can you not kill a healer when the aoe taunt is 45 sec cd? u get 39 sec to kill it?

Healers are squishy tanks are not.

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we work as a group we always pre made.


And you always end up playing an unskilled pug? Lol, you cant make comparisons in that manner. A decent premade will always trump a pug, what happens when a decent premade plays another premade that is equal or better? does your strategy still works when you have an opposing premade with a strong defensive front?


Everything isnt so black and white lol

How do you focus fire a healer down in less then 3 secs when you have a group who defending their healer and focus firing down yours?



Ive played pvp in a few mmos, and seen alot of dominant premades until they ended up playing another premade, then it brings you back down to the lowest common denominator.

Was Like a pug playing a pug, or one premade was just an organized pug and gets destroyed.


If all you do is bully pugs, i see no merit in your "pro-tips"

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