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no pvp for lvl 50's on my server


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im on a west coast server called zakkeg beast, its a light to standard populated server. and in the past few days a lot of ppl including myself have just hit 50. im a lvl 50 sith asssassin


and ever since they implemented the 50 bracket no lvl 50 has been able to get in a pvp match on my server, (there arent that many lvl 50 republic players on my server either so that doesnt help) instead players are forced to do dailies and run hardmode fp's all day hoping for a champ gear peice.


to keep yourself from being bored you're supposed to mix some pvp in there in between doing hardmode fp's and dailies. im really ready to grind it out for the best gear but with out pvp matches its gets old quick.


to give u an idea of how lightly populated my server is, we dont to fight republic players on ilum. we can wait for another player to farm there armanents and then do ours.



if anyone could suggest other way of getting good pvp armor i would very much appreciate that. ,


what about the other servers with a pop as smal as mine? are we screwed and just have to grind it out with dailies and hardmode fp's, or is there some kind of fix coming?

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The game just needs to run huttball when there are enough people queued. I think, additionally, the suggestion made in this thread would get more people queuing up for PVP, even on lower population servers. If anything, low pop servers are worse due to the fact that you're far more likely to face the really tough PVPers and premades if there are few people queuing up than you would if lots of varied skilled players were queiing up.
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