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If i ruled the world i would change following to troopers


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Trooper changes >I< want


Combat medic


*Med zone: should work on outgoing healing aswell as incoming. To balance it should be split to 10% incoming and 10% outcoming at 2points.


*kolto dust: should add a 50/100% chance to apply a small hot for 20% of healed vallue over 3 seconds.


*Trauma probe: also lets hammershots with the combat support cell bounce 2 two additional friendlies with a -10% heal efficency on each bounce.


Yes i know the community is verry split on the bouncing but frankly it might make it worth pressing that gcd instead of an heal or other instant.





*demolition round: made into a 3 second channel without cost, damage boosted 20%. This makes us lose burst in pvp (i feel its needed) but gain much needed pve sustainability for longer hardmode+ raiding ops where we are slipping behinde others atm (essentialy a masterstrike for range)


Assault specialist


*remove nightvision scope


*add (instead of ns) demolition specialist: adds 6 additional seconds of dots to plasma grenade and lowers plasma grenade/sticky grenade/assault plast cost with 1 round


*assault trooper: needs to affect plasma grenade to the list of affected abilities.


*assault plastique: needs to be an elemental attack OR have a secondary strong aoe like sticky grenade (but actually usefull aoe)




not speaking of needed/wanted vanguard changes as i dont play the ac.

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What i would like is to spread more the buffs/debuffs on gunnery specc

The suggestion is this: Charged barrel should be benefited by charged bolts. Charged bolts should be instant cast to encourage people to use it.

Grav round damage should be lowered by 10% and it will stack armor debuff. The cast time should be raised by .25 sec. Even with alacrity it propably reduced to 1.3 cast time.

Demo round damage bonus can get to 25% more if there are 5 stacks of vortexes and 5 stacks of charged barrels. ( 1 stack= 2.5% more damage)

And before start to complain:

Grav round = tech damage

Charged bolts = weapon damage.

Trust me a lot of people will specc into charged bolts mobility gunnery specc rather than grav round static specc.

That is what i came up while i was having a break from work. Please add more suggestions :)

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If I'd rule the world or BW at least I'd change the following:


- add appearance change similar to WAR

- allow vanguards to use dual blasters

- review trooper ability delay


Not posting specific talents changes since that is always a delicate matter :p

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