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Is it possible to get 8+ medal as JS?


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i have 50 assassin so its quite easy to taunt and guard to earn free 3 medals.. (it helps me get min 8 medals)


but for my sentinel its quite impossible

no heal or defender medal makes sentinel/marauder impossible to get 8 medal


if there is a way, share please

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Well you can get defender medals.


Every warzone has them.



You could get The Assassin Medal (For 1 solo kill)



You do have healing, though periodic. I used to be able to get the 2.5k healing medal by using a medpack or pvp heal consumable.

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Never gotten this one. Thanks for all those great high damaging nuke abilities bioware.


I'll agree it's rather hard. I've only seen it once as Watchman, popping Inspiration with buffs against a 50 with no expertise gear. Otherwise it's always around 3.5k.


Done it as Focus a good amount before though, but I can't play on that spec too long before I miss Watchman.

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The 300k damage is quite hard to get if you don't have a advanced stuff (champion).

The 5k is almost impossible as combat or watchman (i m'not yet full champ so maybe later I will hit so hard):(


I won about 5/6 medal max/bg... wen I see an unstuff friend playing shadow tank spec getting 8 medals, I just rage about Bware to have put this stupid medals feature in the game :x

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300k and 5k are all but impossible in a Combat spec.


In fact, if anyone can duplicate EITHER with any regularity (>1:20 warzones) please document and explain how.


I don't consider myself a bad player, in fact I have a lot of experience with melee dps classes, but Combat is weak IMHO.


Oh and 75k healing IS impossible in Combat. And the 2.5k heal no longer works with medpacks.

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Very annoying when you play some awesome PvP and see yourself mid table on medals with 6-7-8 when some Soc is keyboard turning and spamming lightening finishes on 9-10. Worst thing is most people seem to vote them as MvP as well because they are at the top.
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Well, I almost constantly get these:


75k damage

Killing Blow

Solo Kill

10 enemies killed

25 enemies killed

2.5k single hit


So that is 6 medals every game.


Most often I get this one:

1k Defender


So 7 medals every game - i do not think this is bad.


Sure, my wife on her shadow gets all above AND 2-3 medals for guarding. Big deal.

After all, it is the amount of fun you had during a match tha tis important :)


P.S. Oh and interesting thing is - in some cases, even though she gets more medals, i get same / more valor. Strange.


P.P.S. Oh and before you complain abt medals - look at dedicated healers - now that is the class that is completely gimped wjen it comes to medals.


P.P.P.S. Oh and all above is for 10-49 range. You know, the one ordinary players enjoy so much. Yes, ther one where ppl in BM gear do not own everyone without one with 5k+ hits :p

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5k single hit


The only way this happens: Focus Spec + Fully Buffed Force Sweep + Expertise Buff + Adrenals + Relic + Low Expertise Opponent + Full PvP Gear for you.


As a Watchman, any match I get a 6-7 is a good match. Most classes get handed 8-11.

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