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Wtb lfg system please!

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LFG system doesn't ruin the community. What WoW did that possibly helped ruin it was the cross realm LFG system. Bioware just needs to do one that is within the same server.


I currently don't do any FlashPoints because I cannot be bothered spamming general (or any other chat) with LFG requests (and no, that is not social to spam).


Since I am no longer am doing flashpoints, it is quite similar to a single player game - and I decided I didn't want to pay a monthly fee to play a single player game. I'll return once they implemented a nice LFG system.

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I think there's a great sense of community with no LFG tool...


I really get to know the fellow players on my server when they spam LFG ____ for an hour.


Even when there's 90-100 people on the fleet, it's impossible to find 3 other people of the correct spec and level to complete flashpoints and such and, to be honest, I think there are a lot of players who are completely uninterested in ever doing any of them.


A cross-server system for FP's should be added, but I have a feeling it's a long ways out given the laundry list Bioware already has of things that need to be fixed/tweaked/improved.

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Hello I am a tank. I would like to share my gifted ability with others. Please put in a LFG system like WoW and Rift has. Thank you!:)


I totally agree! BUT! and this is a big but...

the LFG system they come out with doesn't need to be and most likely wont be just a bland simple 'find group fast then go to dungeon tool' it could include tons of special interesting features from extra rewards to the least played role (tank,heal,ranged/melee dps) when mission is complete to player rankings where we each get to vote recommend/not recommended when someone is part of the group ;) (ohhh it could effect dark/light points maybe too)


I think a good way of ensuring people to want to feel more responsible and play well in the group would be to put a rankings there (instead of making it all same server groups) where you can get a little reward maybe for giving positive ranks and have a limit on how many negative ranks you can give that would have to expand into a lot of stuff like player kicking and how a negative ranking effects you other then everyone just knowing their not very friendly...




Theirs probably a ton of really kewl ideas going into this or have gone into this and I'm sure it'll come around but just think of it as the longer you wait the better it'll most likely get. oh I can't wait :D

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