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Gunslinger/Sniper PvP and Specs.


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I saw a post rating all the classes in PvP from best to worst and i'm amazed at all the people tossing GS/Sniper to the bottom of the PvP tier list. I'd hate to be that guy, but chances are you're just bad. I mean 90% of the Snipers I play against on my server literally just pop cover, and stay in one spot spamming Aimed Shot/Charged Burst over and over and over. I can see why you get targetted by everyone first, it's because you're a stationary target spamming abilities that are easily interruptable.


Stop rooting yourself in one place until you die ffs. Stay mobile, pop in cover to toss out some burst, and move accordingly. The only time I EVER actually stay in one spot is if i'm being swarmed by meeles...marauders/juggs love us. In that case cover, hunker down, defense screen/dodge, and immediately drop Flyby. This will either get them to back off in which you can pepper them with shots...or more likely for some reason that boggles my mind, they will just stand on top of you, eat the flyby and the incoming flyby DoT ticks, until one of you dies. Guess what, 99% of the time thats them that dies. Mobility is huge. Interrupting rocket spam from BH's, force lightning from Sorcs, heals from healers ect is crucial. Once again don't think you 100% have to stay in cover every second of a fight...get up in their face, toss out some nut shots, flash nades, blaster whips. Since they improved the input delay by leaps and bounds, popping in and out of cover takes no time.


Another thing...experiment with skill tree set ups. I'm pulling numbers out of my ***, but from what I see on my server it'd be pretty safe to say 98% of GS's use the Sharpshooter spec, and Snipers use the mirror of that. While is has great burst, it's incredibly cover reliant. I personally hate dropping into cover for more than a second or two at a time, usually reserved for defensive purposes/CD's. So I dropped roughly 600k into respecs over the course of a week and tried every tree/combonation of trees I could think of.


Here is a breif list of what in my "opinion" are the pros/cons to each spec. Then i'll talk a little bit of the spec i'm currently running.


Sharpshooter - Pros: High/Fast single target burst.

Added defense from Balistic Dampers and that other thing.

Higher Aimed Shot/CB damage.

Not incredibly energy reliant.


Cons: Must remain highly highly immobile to do maximum damage.

Many skills have a 1.5 or higher cast timer, leading to more interrupts mid cast.

Being so reliant on cover, leads to you being much more easily outranged or easily LoS'd by whoever you're targetting.


Sabotage - Pros: As you'd expect this tree deals steady AoE damage.

It's superb for defense of Nodes, and for covering doors.

It allows for slightly more mobility than SS spec, but not much.

Slow from Shock Charge is useful to keep enemies in range or to escape.

Incredible as far as energy useage goes.


Cons: Still have to hit cover for maximum single target damage.

Very CD reliant for anything other than Thermal Nade spam. Sabo charge leads to your biggest burst in a 1v1, when it's down your 1v1 burst is serverely weakened.

Incrediary grenade usually never allows for a full duration of damage, as it's a manually targetted aoe that does nothing once the target steps out of it.

Damage numbers are high at the end of a match, but highly misleading. In a voidstar I hit the 600k damage mark with this spec, from almost exclusively tossing short CD Thermal nades into groups. It looked nice on the scoreboard, but the number of people I actually put a signifigant amount of damage on was minimal. Healers healed through it like it was nothing.


All in all i'd say Sabo is more of a support tree with how WZ's are currently set up.


Dirty Fighting - Pros: Bar none provides the most mobility out of all the specs.

Bleeds provide constant damage that ignores armor.

Your bread and butter skill Wounding Shots can be used while standing, and every bleed effect increases it's damage. Basically Shrap Bomb + Vital shot, followed by a full cast of Wounding Shots will bring basically anyone from full to half, or even less. If you pop your Relic/Stims, it WILL drop someone from 100% to Quickdraw Execute range, or outright kill them. This goes for nearly any class i've faced, minus a 22k Powertech that I had to toss a few more things to get him to that 30% range.

Shrap Bomb is also incredible at node/door defense as it is impossible to cap while you have a DoT on you. Shrap being an AoE dot, +30% slow gives it great utility as well as damage.

The great mobility allows much better use of our Kick, Blaster Whip, and just much easier positioning of fights in general. Making it easier/faster to LoS or interrupt Force Lightning or BH Tracer Missle spam.


Cons: INCREDIBLY energy hungry. You really have to make good use of Cool Head. A full opener of Shrap/Vital + Wounding Shots will drop you to 50% or less energy. If you let yourself drop to 20-25% or less you're going to have to auto attack a bit which sucks massive balls if the target isn't currently dotted up.

Slightly more squishy than the other trees as you lose out on some of the passive defense skills provided by SS/Sabo.






So while all trees have their advantages, my prefered tree is without a doubt dirty fighting. DoT damage ignoring armor allows for much easier take downs on everyone, but definitely makes fighting power techs/juggs a LOT easier. Also is incredibly handy for finishing off force sprinting Sorcs, and just keeping pressure on healers by having a steady stream of damage not only on them, but also multiple other targets. I don't hate cover per se, but I try to stay out of it the majority of the time, minus quick spurts to use Sabo Charge/Speed Shot. Aimed Shot I only use when I know it won't be interrupted, if it's a 1v1 fight and I need the extra burst, or if i've just set up and no one is on me.


After a bit of experimenting i've cut DF before Hemmo Blast, and instead supplemented it with points going higher into the Sabo tree. Picking up the 15% extra aoe/Sabo Charge damage, a point in Contingency Charge, and also nabbing Shock Charge for yet another DoT skill. The only points I put into the SS tree were for the 6% extra damage to Speed Shots and Wounding Shots, which brings it to 12% seeing as the DF tree has the same skill in it.




So yea, I forgot what my original point even was with this post, but basically if you're having trouble in PvP, it's either a skill problem, or maybe your spec just doesn't fit your playstyle. The only class I have trouble with 1v1 now is actually a well played/geared Assassin, or a Marauder with all their CD's up, but even those i'd say go 60/40 in my favor vs those choice few players. This is without pocket heals, with pocket heals forget about it. If you want to know my usual rotation, strats for certain classes/situations let me know.



*edit* On a side note...I had this formatted to look better and be easier to read...but when posted it just jams everything together anyways, sooo ye.

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Posts that summarize to L2P should be accompanied by a video where you can show us your epic skill. It's just far more likely that what you are talking about and what I am talking about is two different things entirely.


For instance in your post you're talking a lot about DoTs and AOE's that look good in PUG fights in the lower levels and are generally a lot less good in challenging level 50 matches where people use skills like cleanse, focus you down or you run up against people who are guarded by tanks and where everyone you'll be facing are using rakata medpacks like candy. Burst really has to be considered alongside hitpoints and so you really can't compare until you're up against 18k and 20k HP players. That's where the burst from sabo tree for instance stops looking awesome and starts looking like it falls heavily short (which it does, as far as bursting people down, just because you now are left with 60% of their health remaining after you pop all your CDs instead of just 10% like it is pre-50).


At level 50 you get steamrolled really until your accuracy and crit are nearly gear max'd just thanks to how the mechanics of the class works. This is off putting when you could be a mercenary and just not have to deal with that. Your rotation is also a lot more complicated, generally speaking and you're heavily relying on cover not bugging out on you which is frustrating in general. Just a simple example is pulse detonate, which requires cover to pop which lines you up to get pushed back yourself before you can detonate it - or the fact that if a marauder force-charges you then you will be unable to enter cover until he's already have way done with his rotation thanks to rooting blocking cover in place.


Honestly, on the PVP side, GS can be very effective in PVP but it just takes a lot of skill and you don't stack up to some other things like mercs and sorcs because you lack self heals and you lack the ability to cover ground ala force speed that sorcs have.


So, are they unplayable? No, not at all. They could just use a couple of minor tweaks and bug fixes and a hefty nerf to tracer missile to be not totally outclassed. For what it's worth in a war between a commando and a GS LoS favors the class with self heals and a 12 second CD on a 4 second interrupt is not going to close the gap.

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True what you said about cleanse. However if you continue to dot and their healers continue to cleanse then it is still in our advantage (teams that is) because it keeps them occupied. It is also a constraint on their resource management. So I am cool with it for now...


Dirty fighting is more mobile and suited to world PvP. I think if you go sharp shooter (I was up to 40) then you need stay at range and start the fight if you can. Otherwise you are in react mode and don't have a lot of burst while mobile...


some make it work but I could not...lol.

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True what you said about cleanse. However if you continue to dot and their healers continue to cleanse then it is still in our advantage (teams that is) because it keeps them occupied. It is also a constraint on their resource management. So I am cool with it for now...


It will cost you more to DoT than it will for them to cleanse and you'll run into energy issues. IMHO, DoT spec is a great PVE spec for run & gun and very good PVP spec for run & gun and warzones but less good for open world PVP and "semi-alone" PVP in warzones (like solo holding a cap point on Alderaan or busting open a door as an attacker on Voidstar).


Sabobomber is probably my favorite totally solo open world PVP setup, whereas sharpshooter is better in small groups because it gives you better burst and sustained assuming you're objective is to focus fire on healers and such (eliminate their support).

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So can you link an example talent spec for Gunslinger pvp that you are currently using / happy with?


I know that Bounty Hunters and Sorcerers are more OP but I don't care. I am going to level a Gunslinger until the "cover pulse" skill (sniper version) and then level mostly from pvp and class quests. Just to see what I can do with it.

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Gunslinger is enjoyable, you just have to work too hard for lesser rewards. However the day I hit Battle Master I'll know I actually earned it. Only games I feel I'm not contributing enough are ones that are clearly one sided (usually premade huge sage/sorc/stealther games where you just get pummeled before you see anyone as a GS) or ones you get in late due to quitters and already about to lose.


The occasional Breaking cappers and keeping 3-4 ppl busy while waiting for reinforcements to arrive to hold an objective in exchange for dying is a small price to pay and a huge "feel good" moment as a GS. Thermal grenades are my best friends in times like those. Plus being a "squishy" GS you make nice bait as they know you can't heal or run ;)


I'm a 31SS/7Sab/3Dirty btw. Guerilla warfare is where it's at--pop off big hits on sage/sorc to keep them busy and armor debuff everyone. Look for the weak targets at all times and watch for how we can save/assist your buddies with either DPS/CC for escapes or to kill runners. Standing in one spot for too long though is good way to get yourself killed so just need to leave yourself an out or be in a position where you are well hidden/can knockback melee attackers or are willing to take the dive in exchange for a key play (defending/keeping ball carriers occupied).


My damage isn't tops compared to Sage/Sorc or even occasional Trooper/BH (very rare knights/wars too for that matter) but mine is almost all single target on key players. I feel comfortable with 200-250k plus most games going SS playing "support" that cuts into damage done even if I don't shine as much as other classes. I know my leg shots, flash grenades and even kicks get me as many "kills" or more than if I went pure damage. It's the little things that we do that makes us so useful at times but you never get actual "credit" for (although can get tons of objective points at times doing it on carriers/cappers).

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I've played a couple different builds. I've found hybrid builds to be the most viable in PVP.


23/16/2, Trickshot without Arsonist, was my preferred single target burst build. It suffered from "turret syndrome" though, since you needed 8 seconds in cover to really go through a set of skills (Sabo Charge, Smugluck Charged Shot, Trick Shot, Aimed Shot, Speed Shot, Trick Shot).


7/31/3, Incendiary Grenade saboteur with cover shield, was a great area denial build, but a little schizophrenic in purpose. IG's lackluster performance as a skill didn't help [short radius, long delay before dealing damage].


0/23/18, AOE DOT build with Hotwired Defenses. This build can really crank out the damage any time there are several targets around. It's energy hungry though, and is not quite so good at single-target burst. Requires very diligent management of Cool Head, Defense Screen, and their reset via Sabotage. There is little more satisfying though than popping a Relic, Adrenal, Illegal Mods, then dropping a quick cast XS Flyby - Thermal Grenade - Flash Grenade - Shrap Bomb - Thermal Grenade combo. Do it right and you'll catch people with the Flash right after the first tick of Flyby. If you have good support, I'd consider going 0/21/20 or 0/18/23.


There are a lot of build possibilities for Gunslinger, they just require some experimentation.

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I pretty much always solo queue in WZs. I play SS spec. I get down in a good spot, and spam my skills until people are dead. I only relocate when I need to. I always end WZs with top damage, top kills, and the least deaths. I am incredibly immobile. Why? Because I have decent situational awareness. I know where the team is and where the enemy is. I actually swivel my camera around to look at my back while DPSing somebody in front of me.


Mobility is way way WAY too overrated when it comes to gunslingers. It's helpful, sure. Enjoy it if you like it on your DF spec, but it's not entirely needed. You just need to learn how to not die.

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