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World PvP and death.


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In a world of PvP you will die. True. Now when you are dead, you have 2 options. Resurrect on the spot or spawn on a medcenter.


As for resurrecting on the spot, it has a huge flaw. You are resurrecting where you stand.


1.) You push resurect, at the same time the body on the ground disappears, you then get a loading screen (of all things. Why the heck do you have a loadings creen when you resurect????).

If there now is someone camping you, they can now just run to where youre corps was and start AoE the area, or just range aoe the ground there. While you are in the loading screen you will get hit by the aoe, moved out of stealth, and if unlucky, killed before the loading screen is gone.


2.) You can then res at a medcenter instead.

Now here is another flaw. If you are close to a neutral medcenter where guards will not attack attackers, and with the flaw from point 1 about loading screen and ressing on top of your body, you will be at ends road with no solution to get away except from logging of.

You ress, they AoE and start nuking you before you are out of the loading screen, you get back in the game with 1/2 HP and 1 happy a ganker nuking his heart out.


Here is what I suggest. When ressing, you should not get are ress on your body, you should become a "ghost" like in other games so you can move away from your body before entering the "living" world.

That will at least give you a fighting chance.


And please don’t look at it as a QQ or whine post, I did role on a PvP server for PvP reasons. I just think the way it is now is not good in releation of PvP.


What I really do not like, more like hate with passion is the damne loading screen. They are everywhere. God damit. I would not be surprised if BW suddenly added a loading screen for every ability you used.

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