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Social Points from Flashpoints and Raids?


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For a decent amount of people that chose to solo a majority of the leveling phase, by the time you reach the endgame there seems to be a lack of story-heavy conversations that allow level 50s to obtain social points without going out of the norm. Shouldn't there be a way where people can get social points while still doing level 50 things?


As it stands right now, most people that are level 50s see the path of least resistance to obtain social points would be to grind The Esseles/Black Talon.


You can also do up to 17 daily quests (the ones that offer Daily Commendations). Of those quests, they offer on average about 2 responses per quest. If you have a group of 4, you can earn a minimum of 136 points a day. However, only two quests require 4 people, and most people would laugh or ignore you if you're trying to get a group of 4 for 1-man quests.


What I'm proposing is that it would be a good idea to get some social points from the completion of every hard mode flashpoint or the end of every boss in an operation. It still involves a group, it still involves teamwork, and quite frankly I don't see why social points should just be limited to my avatar spitting a bunch of nonsense that most people will skip by level 50.


I'm not saying getting to Social X shouldn't be a grind, I'm just saying that I shouldn't have to do something extremely out of the ordinary (speed-running a level 10 flashpoint, getting a group of 4 to do 1-man quests) to get social points. Many level 50s like myself, however, conduct and complete HM flashpoints and operations on a regular basis. Why not just give a flat payout of social points from that?


Please give constructive thoughts about what you think of this proposal. Thanks!

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50's just farm the first instance for social points, gets boring real quick.


Give them a choice, social points should be given for all HM Flashpoints and raids too.


Also Light/Darkside points, either that or remove the pop-up that lies to us.

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