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AFK or Deserter, No Penalty. Disconnected, Kicked from WZs and FPs


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This doesn't make any sense


I see people afk for entire matches OR leave as soon as they see that their team is not all sorcs/sages, no problem, no penalties.


But on occasion I get disconnected (my ISP problem) or the game kicks me out to character selection (the game's problem) or direct crash to desktop (game's problem). When I log back in, within 30 seconds, I'm kicked out of the WZ. Come on, people get d/c and even if you were to find a new player to replace me, you give them 1 minute+ time for them to choose to enter the WZ.


Even worse is when I was doing an FP, i d/c and I get kicked out of the FP and the quest is bugged and I can't finish it anymore.


Makes no sense.

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