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Wasn't too sure where the Suggestion Box category was, here's the original post:



Hi, I wasn't too sure where to post this, but here goes.


I'm playing the game, everything is A1 quality, but what I hate is when the cursor just gets out of the game screen. I don't know why, but alot of the new games have this issue, and each time the mouse is allowed to exit the game screen, and just find itself on the secondary one.


There is one fix for this though, and it's to set the game in Fullscreen(Windowed). This is great, but the mouse still leaves the game screen; the only advantage is that it doesn't close, or Alt+Tab the game. The game keeps running, but you just clicked out as if it was a window.


My question is: will this ever be fixed, or patched, to have an option where the mouse can't leave the game screen when in Fullscreen mode (not Fullscreen Windowed). This is one thing that I'm sure would be greatly apprecieated by alot of multiple monitor owners.



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You can try Mousejail, I use this for older games that don't support multiple monitors.



Personally I don't mind the cursor going outside in mmo's. As I usually have other stuff going on the other monitors and this way I don't have to alt-tab or hit the windows key.

But in other game types like FPS n such it's annoying.

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