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Barber Shop?


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Barber shops should be included in the game. For anyone who has seen the latest episode "Deception" of the Clone Wars, you'd see that people in the Star Wars universe do get haircuts, presumably like in that episode with the aid of droids.


Really I can't see why barber shops or hair salons can't be included.

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This is an excerpt from an interview with SWTOR's Live Producer on 1/26/12. It's both encouraging and discouraging, because he quickly moves the topic towards hoods and then goes on to say "it’s something we’re currently taking feedback on and we’re making plans on how to address in the future. " So it might be a while. =( A looong long while.


I am finally, after 35 levels really starting to enjoy my shadow's playstyle. I have now some tools between powers and talents that make playing it (from the purely mechanical standpoint) really fun. It was kinda meh till then. But I can't stand the original cosmetic choices - what I originally though gave a pensive look now makes it look like a junkie and I'd rather just let it sit and accrue rested XP until I can look at its face again. And there's no way I'm putting myself through Chapter I of the Jedi Consular storyline a second time for at least a year.


Original link: http://www.dualshockers.com/2012/01/26/interview-biowares-cory-butler-and-the-future-of-star-wars-the-old-republic/


G: Will there be more character customization options in the future? Are there any plans to implement some sort of barber shop or plastic surgeon that will allow players to change their appearance in game? Maybe a toggle for the hoods?


C: Do you want to be able to drop your hood and put it back up?


G: Yeah I’d like to drop my hood, because I play a Guardian and basically all our armor has hoods.


C: That’s definitely stuff we talk about often. We haven’t really announced any formal plans, but it’s very important to us to allow players to fullfill their own personal Star Wars fantasy and along with that we want them to be able to customize their character the way they want, so it’s something we’re currently taking feedback on and we’re making plans on how to address in the future.

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