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The Digital Delux Edition, was a waste of money.


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Just saying. Everything sits in the bank. On my alts I don't even bother any more. The speeder is useless when you get to 40 since Bioware decided to base mount speed per mount, not on riding skill (come on what is this 6 years ago?).


Does anyone honestly think that the DE was a good purchase?

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Honestly, what did you expect? I actually feel sorry for the people who purchased the "collectors edition" game. One of the biggest cash grabs I've ever seen in the gaming community. I really mean that.


Perhaps they'll improve things for members in the future?


Stephen Reid told us we were going to be able to use the Speeders at level 1 (you know like Rift) and I kinda expected since it was a modern MMO that they would tie mount speed in with learned ability.


The whole system is just silly.

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