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Hello. I have been playing this game for a few weeks now and have leveled many characters. One to 50. There are a number of things I enjoy about the game but there are also some things I would like to see changed in the future. These aren't really big things, but if they got addressed I would be happy.


1. Move the ops group members list on the interface (the one with the health bars) a few pixels to the right to allow me to click my abilities on the left vertical quick bar. This game has so many abilities that you must use at any given time, I'd like to have as easy access as possible to all of them. While I'm at it, the quest tabs to the right of the game screen also get in the way.


2. Allow me to abandon any quest. I suppose I understand why I can't abandon the class quest, but there are some side quests in Alderran and Dromund Kass for example which are not even directly part of my characters story and just fill up my quest log.


3. Make it so sprint is automatically enabled with every spawn. It's kind of a convenience, but I never see a reason to deactivate sprint and always leave it on. I have trained myself as a matter of habit to click sprint on every time I revive. The whole fact that it is a stance rather than some kind of passive ability does not seem useful except for roleplaying reasons.


4. Provide a desertion penalty for people who leave warzones. There seems to be some special kind of people who, rather than actually try to help you win a warzone, simply assess whether the team they are on will win the warzone for them or not. As soon as the warzone becomes close or if your team is losing people on your team just leave in alarming numbers. Another issue is that I get pulled into losing matches quite frequently due to quitters.


My advice to improve upon the warzone system is to have a desertion penalty for these people who deliberately quit. The penalty would be that they cannot reque into a warzone for 15 minutes or at least until the warzone they are in is complete. This will encourage people to stay and try to turn their warzone into a win rather than leave their team and try to find another winning warzone. I don't think such behavior should be encouraged.


Well I wrote more than I anticipated, but I want to reiterate that I do like this game. I only say these things because I invest so much time in this game I care enough to see it improved.

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