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How to fix Balance in PvP.


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Hello, I am Pokez (Tactleneck is just forum name). A bit about me real quick. I was a 4 time gladiator in WoW, Plat player in League of Legends, and now Star wars is my new venture and enjoyment. I like to think I have a prowess for video games, and I'm enjoying and catching onto this game quite quicly.


Now on to the post. I feel that balance is a more or less lackluster spec for PvP. It's damage is quite low, and it's utility is less than comparable to that of other classes. I have thought of a couple of changes that could put this tree where it needs to be. I have some ideas for changes some of the talents in the tree should undergo. Just my opinion, but here it is.


Focused Insight(Current)

Causes your periodic damaging abilities that critically hit to restore [0.5/1%] of your total health.


Focused Insight(My Version)

Causes your periodic damaging abilities that critically hit to restore [0.5 / 1]% of you and your party members' total health.


Would bring the tree more utility that it could use. Healing is nothing overwhelming, but it's something extra.


Force Suppression(Current)

Force in Balance now suppresses resistance to the Force, increasing the amount of damage the targets suffer from your next 10 periodic damaging abilities by 20%. Lasts 30 seconds.


Force Suppression(My Version)

Casting Force in Balance grants you increased power. increasing the damage dealt by your next 10 periodic damaging abilities by 20%. Lasts 30 seconds.


I think it goes without saying that the most frustrating part of this talent is that it only affects the targets you hit with it. Having it be a buff on yourself rather than a debuff would make this ability far more reliable and useful to the spec as a whole. The damage of the dots is low, so having this 20% is a must.


Mental Scarring(Current)

Increases the critical damage bonus of Force in Balance and your periodic damage abilities by [10 / 20 / 30]%.


Mental Scarring(My Version)

Increases the critical damage bonus of Force in Balance and your periodic damage abilities by [15 / 30 / 45]%.


Just a little bump in damage to make those dots hit for better numbers. The extra damage is needed and this would help that.


Sever Force(Current)

Weakens the target, freezing it in place for 2 seconds and dealing 854 internal damage over 18 seconds. 9 second cooldown.


Sever Force(My Version)

Weakens the target, freezing it in place for 3 seconds and dealing 3251 internal damage over 18 seconds. 10 second cooldown.


Let's face it, this ability is one of if not the worst deep tier talents their is. The damage is pitiful, the root duration is pitiful, it's just a pitiful talent all around. My numbers for the damage were rough, but a general idea of how much I feel it should be increased. A 3 second root time is far better than 2, and much needed to make this feel like a top-of-the-tree talent. Bumped the cooldown up 1 second to slightly compensate for the buffs, but this ability should hardly be nerfed in any way.



Well, these are my thoughts on the balance tree. I think these changes could really make the tree viable and playable in PvP. I am a huge fan of the tree's concept, but currently it is just bad. These are just my opinions, and I would like to hear yours. Thanks for reading :D

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Balance needs a few fixes..but not sure your going in the right direction


Force Tech is the problem. Its dmg is weak, and its "forec breach" ability is laughable. It should re-worked similar to mind crush and do some frontload with a "dot" behind it. I also think anything over 18secs is just too long for a "dot"...lets adjust the ticks down, while keeping the dmg the same (applies to all dotters, end game its just too easy to remove our dmg)

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Although I would love to see the spec improved (I mean who wouldn't want stronger abilities), I am completely happy with the spec as is. In fact, I'm afraid they are going to nerf balance because it is so good in so many situations. Most people don't see it that way which is fine by me.


But maybe with enough complaints balance will get tweaked...

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Just to chip in... I'm a total n00b to PVP as i've played my first 5 WZ's ever this weekend with a PVE geared balance shadow (lvl 45) and sure i got bolster and all but i could hold my own against evenleveled sorc's and assassins and could help my team by pure utility most of the time with DoT's, CC's and the infamous nonresolving root (with damage to boot)... sure i got killed a couple of time and i wasn't the best DPS or the best protector (im not used to using Guard and Mass Mind Control yet) but i didn't feel unbalanced or weak in any sense of the word. I guess that properly used (not by me, yet at least) this Spec is one of the best at least for WZ's as is has lots and lots of utility.
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I'm not sure if increasing dot dmg is a good idea. Yesterday my dot critted for 1078. That's already quite a lot don't you think?



The rest of the ideas are cool but you went too far ahead with sever force ;)


holy ****, this is why i want to roll a shadow im a decked out Sorc almost 600 exp and my dots will crit for 500ish if i pop my relic and adrenal.....

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Balance > Inf = In OPS 8man Pure DPS style not BURST












Force in Balance- No It would GIMP Us if you implemented those changes



FiB currently stacks on the Target THATS AMAZING. WHY???


Because EVERYONE who hits that target with a DOT Gets the BONUS









WHY??? Because IT DOESNT EFFECT RESOLVE AT ALL. Yes a ROOT that can be used when they are FULL resolve Bar LAWL SO OP


Give Sever Force a Chance


I NORMALLY break 400k in warzones as balance



I respecced to Inf again... due to the LACK of BURST.. Not DPS



I will ONLY raid as balance it is the MOST DPS a shadow can bring


With a 20% dmg buff for any other caster that has DoTs - Balance Sages Etc






-rank 63 Battlemaster


veng. Glad Season 2-> lawl WoW


High warlord - vanilla



Grand Marshal Kissaki- Vanilla

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