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Shieldtech PVP Issues


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I've been spending a pretty extensive amount of time in pvp and have noticed a few issues, other then the general problems that I'm sure have been talked about constantly, that effect the Shieldtech Powertech BH greatly in PVP scenario's.


Issue 1: Grapple not pulling regularly


While there's no doubt that grapple is one of the biggest game changers in Huttball there are many times that the move doesn't work and I'm not talking about skill lag either. Many times, when a player is moving, not stunned or rooted, and they have no insanely ridiculous immune to everything buffs on them, the grapple goes off but doesn't even lift the player an inch. This is extremely troublesome as its one of main things I have going for me but doesn't work half the time when I need it to. Don't get me wrong, in PVE its just fine but in PVP it gets really jacked up.


Issue 2: Defense and Shield not working?


Now I do understand that dodging and shielding doesn't work against all attacks however, it is extremely rare I see either go off against anything even though I stack, or at least was, stacking a pretty respectable amount of both (I had around 15% def, 11% now and have over 40% shield and absorb rating). Even when I use my Oil Slick and my relics defensive CD's, I still don't seem to be shielding or dodging anything. On the flip side, when I'm doing weapon damage vs lightsaber users I regularly have the majority of my shots deflected, even vs those who aren't tanks. This is extremely frustrating and makes me feel like a big squishy gimped metal man.


Issue 3: Extremely Crappy Defensive CD's


This isn't exactly a PVP specific complaint but while in PVP after fighting with my CD's hotkey's do to the hotkey lag glitch, when they finally do go off, they're a fraction of what the 2 other imperial tanks CD's are. IE Juggernauts have a CD that decreases the amount of damage they take by 40% while a similar CD for me only does 25% and Juggernauts have a CD that increases their health by 30% for 10 seconds while we have a CD that heals for 15% over 10 seconds. Now both are better then nothing but they're more or less moves you pop before entering combat, not reliable moves to fall back on during the heat of battle. Oil Slick is supposed to be that as it reduces the enemies accuracy by 20% and lasts 18 seconds but because of the way it works (enemies must stand in it) and the fact that as I said earlier, it doesn't seem to be working correctly (as well as avoidance and shielding) Oil Slick and our other 2 CD's feel useless in PVP scenario's.


I'm not sure if these are problems that Shield Specialist Vanguard's (or other tanks) are also experiencing in PVP however as of right now I'm feeling extremely gimped and hoping these are issues the Team will look into.

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i thought the same about grapple for a while, until i realised it doesnt work if they have a full resolve bar. it works fine apart from that.


as above tanking stats are useless in pvp, much more worthwhile to get the dps set and still spec shieldtech with ion gas cylinder so you can guard people. i generally get 300k damage still while taunting\guarding to 50k dmg at least.

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1. Some classes have CC immunity cooldowns. Are you sure these weren't being used when you tried to grapple? Also, do you actually, fully understand resolve?


2. People might just be burning through your shield.


3. Idk

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If you are a PVP tank specced and geared for tanking (as my main was) you have wasted your time.


I'd recommend:


1) Rerolling a DPS or healing class.

I have a Level 38 Sniper that does excellent damage, has awesome range, great CC and tanks better than my Shieldtech when he's in cover. I miss Grapple, but it's worth it for 4-5 different types of CC.



2) Respeccing and regearing for DPS.

You can tank just as well, but you can double your damage by trading in all your shield/absorb/armor/defense and getting aim/critical/surge/endurance.

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As a 32/7/2 ST for level 10-50, I will have to say that at 50 we suck major **** without a pocket healer. With a good healer we can tank against the 6 enemy players just fine. Without healer, we become a complete liability. Even when I pop all of my critical buffs: trinket+biochem+combust I still can't barely ever get 2.5k critical medal. And I am wearing all T2 PvP gear, minus bracers+pants+chest+shield generator. Expertise at 450.


Pre level 50 ST was a lot more versatile and could benefit the group, at 50 with no healing you become a walking punching bag. If there is no healer your job become taunting the DPS, and interrupting the healers. Forget doing damage, as pure ST tank you will NOT kill anyone who is geared.

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Grapple's always worked fine for me. You sure they didn't have resolve up?


Shield and dodge only work on white damage, which is virtually nothing in PvP. Bad design for the win.


I wasn't even aware of the resolve system which is more then likely the problem that I've run across way too often.


This is exactly the reason why we PVP tanks bump the following thread: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=1478995&posted=1#post1478995


Too many of us are unaware just how little our tanking stats actually do against other players.


I started figuring as much, wish I was told straight from the get go that being a tank sucked and wasn't suckered into getting tanking PVP gear. Thanks for the thread link.


Thanks everybody else for the post and responses..... looks like I'll need a new gear set and possibly a respec..... Hopefully they'll fix this.

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Your tankiness as a Shield Tech comes from the stance itself and the debuff you can place on people with flame burst/sweep. Accuracy doesn't account for some damage types and is not very useful in PvP, save the point in Oil Slick and place it elsewhere.


For the defensive CDs, I'm actually quite happy with them, they last quite a bit and should never be used before you start taking damage or before a fight. You should be popping it before a bulk of the damage comes in at like around 75% or so and it will greatly increase your survivability.


Since shielding really blows if you still want to stay Shield Tech with a little oomph, try ST/Pyro out. With this spec you're able to fish for rail shot procs that also vent heat on burning targets. It's easy to score the 2.5k medal with this spec and deal a lot more burst damage while staying just as tanky as a full 31 ST would.




Last tip: Don't get the Combat Tech PvP set, grab Eliminator's. Right now the 2pc set bonus is bugged and breaks Carbonize instead of enhancing it. The animation will play but it will not successfully stun a lot of the times.

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