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a plea from a minority....


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A certain other MMO, which shall remain nameless *ahem* used a colour code for values - in crafting, quest dificulty, target strength, item value etc.


This has been (mostly) adopted by other MMOs and, in turn, by SW;TOR.


Slight problem here.....


I'm red/green colour blind.


Now, an add-on came up in that previos game, which (eventually) was actually added to the UI itself - and it was very VERY useful!


To give you an idea (and only speaking about my own version of colour-blindness)


Most Red/Green colour blind people see no green at all and red is much less bright. The upshot of this is that the colour scale used appears as follows:-


(what is displayed -> what we see)


Grey -> Grey

White -> White

Yellow -> Yellow

Green -> Yellow

Blue -> Blue

Purple -> Blue

Orange -> Red

Red -> Red


About 10% of males suffer with this - and a further percentage have a lower level problem with colour. Something like 0.0001% of females have it

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I'm not color blind and, as far as I know, no one I know is. But I continue to be amazed that games of any genre are released without being made accessible for the color blind.


At least SWTOR uses credits instead of gold, silver and copper coins. I remember one poster on that other game who complained to him, prices were like, "Are you sure you want to spend 37 coins?"


The absurdity of it annoyed me so much that after awhile, I flagged one of these posts for a moderator with a message that they needed to do something about this. Next patch, they did. :) I wouldn't for any other issue, but come on, for helping the disabled? It's embarrassing that games still have this problem.


As I understand it, there are less common kinds of color blindness with their own difficulties with certain colors, so the best solution is to actually just add text. [blaster of Droid Slaying (Artifact)]

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