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Deception Assassins issues.


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I made this as in every other thread, I get people coming in and posting about how to solve issues I have as a deception assasin by being a sorc/madness/darkness(so anything but a deception sin). I was people to refrain from helping me, and other deception assassins by telling us how awesome other specs are, or what they do to solve issues we have by using other skill trees.


I am a deception assassin. I lvled it to 50 as a deception assasin. I want to pvp/endgame as a deception assassin. I dont care how good other classes/specs are. Deception is what floats my boat, so I want to talk about Deception. Please do not take this the wrong way but I dont care about anything that is not related to a deception assassin.


Now, after all that, I will copy my post from the other thread and hope to get some good feedback


I hit 50 yesterday and am on the end of my class quest.


I do understand ppl saying use interrupts but I still feel imm lacking someting.


I am using Talos, and I do use all my interrupts. I have lvled to 50 as deception so there is no issues with knowing how to play. I "know" how to play my Assassin. The problem I have is 2 fold.


First, My damage is erratic. I can sometimes maul for 2.5k, and sometimes for 800. My Surge discharge can be anywhere between 1k and 3k(dependent on static, but 1 generally have 3-4 charges). Assassinate is same, 600-800 to 2.5k.


This makes my encounters messy. I can take dome some elites in 2-3 rotation and some take 5-6 rotations. I find that for a class that depends on procs so much, it is frustration to have crit rate capped at 30%. If they increased the base crit for assassins(via a skill or on a CD) to say 25%, this class would become what I hoped for when I started with it.


Secondly, for Bosses, When I use interrupts, I lose a lot of DPS. I am busy using jolt while my VS shock damage is going down. The Maul proc is the most frustrating as when I am using Talos, I need to use electrocute or low slash before maul, and If I have just used them for my Maul and he starts casting right after, my other interrupts are on CD.


Its really hard managing DPS with interrupts. Heroics and Endgame feels much easier for me as 1) other ppl interrupt as well so I dont have as much responsibility. 2) i can stand behind mostly and let rip 3) As I am concentrating on DPS, I get to use my procs much better.


I think the single most important thing for our class would be to give it more crit, specifically for a full deception sin. make it deep in the tree or something to others dont get access to it easily.


Another option might be to add a 10-20% extra crit for 10 secs when Surging charge deals damage. As we are the only ones using Surging charge, It would help us mostly, but others can use it as well.


Sorry for TLDR, I died to the last class boss minion a few times and nearly wanted to smash my comp.


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