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crafting and orange gear


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If you craft and RE green gear, you can learn a blue, and eventually a purple version of it.


Does this mean if you RE enough purple versions you will learn to craft an orange of the same "model"?


Does this apply to all armor?


No. You cannot RE purples to orange.


There are schematics out there that are actually orange gear when crafted.

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That is just it crafting is completely useless and seems to be something thrown in just to say "hey we have it"...


Only thing useful is Biochem.


What is the point of crafting armor that most of the time is fixed stats that is outdated before you put them on.

Orange gear can be modded all the time hence changing the stats and put in higher armor rating etc.


Even if some schematics exist that are orange, it is very little.


This game clearly has crafting as a gimmick whilst leveling, cause at end game everyone raid or PvP for champion gear etc.

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Crafted item epics (armor and weapons) have more stats on them than you can get from modding armor at the same armor rating/power rating. If you feel otherwise then you haven't explored armor or armstech enough to get the desired 'purples' with the stats you need. I also found as an armortech that my crafted items for my level were greatly better than the items being offered by same level quest rewards. As a trooper and as a jedi, taking the appropriate armor craft can also save u money when gearing companions.


Modding armor is effective, but cost money or commendations, and will generally have less stats than epics with the same base armor/power rating. Also, with armor crafting at least, three of the end game pieces can be crafted for each armor type.


Armor and weapon crafting are in no way 'useless' end game if you take the time to get the appropriate purples which contain the stats you desire to maximize.


Fyi, it is probably in the crafting forums somewhere, but just to touch base on it, there are 3 blue versions for each green item, and 5 purples for each blue item containing a variety of different stats, with the exception of the redoubt blues, which 4 purples branching from this have only been discovered.


To learn more about armor/arms crafting, reading the... 'crafting' forums for better detail on what is possible, how it compares to other gear, and what is not.

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My crafting was max well before i was lvl 50. The purples I can craft now are armor value 126, same as the mods available from the daily vendors on Ilum, but have more stats than I can mod. I don't have all the 'shiny' recipes with the specific stats I need, but I do have a few viable pieces which I have obtained from crafting. It may cost money and time, but it is all based on rng as far as re'ing items go. Sometimes you get an item after 5-10 re's, sometimes you go 100 re's and don't get the pattern you want. Time wise, i think farming 120 commendations from dailies to get gear, or even just the 16 for the two mods available balance out time wise. True while u are sending your companions out to get materials you are losing money, and while you are farming dailies you are making it, but the crafted epics i don't use for myself, also sell very nicely on the auction house when they are the right stat combinations and there is no limitation to how many I can make.


For me, it all balances out. but being able to craft your own entry lvl epic gear, i.e. item rating/power rating 126, is a plus for a new 50 imo.

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