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Why I am unsubbing for the time being.


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I am really concerned for this game. Honesty I don't see much of a future judging by how things have been going over the last ~40 days since per-release started. Here are some key points I would like to make judging by what I have seen so far. Think of it as a review...


1. Leveling


It took me about a week to get to 50 on my main character and yes I paid attention to the story line of my Trooper Vanguard and it has taken me 4 days to go from 1-50 on a commando since I already knew the story. I am currently leveling a Scoundrel and Sentinel, but I am starting to get bored with the same "grind" of quests right now.


A) Grind


So there is no grind in this game? I do believe there is. If you want to do the bonus quests for your side quests this will often lead to a grind of killing 20 of them the first time and then killing 40-45 more for stage 2. Also most quests are still kill x number of mobs or pickup x number of quest items from certain mobs. You can also skip all side quests and just do your main quests / space quests / warzones, but this could lead to not having credits and being under geared.


B) Heroics


These were fun to get gear the first time around on my main, but honestly I had to skip most of them when leveling my alts since I couldn't get people from my guild to help me with them and you can only spam general chat for so long asking for a group with only 10 people on your planet. I would just drop them when I finished all other quests and had to leave the planet. They will honestly have to make these eventually be soloed by players to do them. They could lower the outcome xp and rewards or they for the most part won't be done.


C) Flashpoints


Same as Heroics it is just really hard to find groups to actually do FP's and not rely on a guild member to just run your through it.


D) Voice Acting


Was this really necessary for all the side quests? I didn't mind reading the story and objectives for side quests because I honestly think that everyone who skipped readable side quests in MMO's would just skip voice acting in side quests in this MMO. I love the voice acting and movies for story quests and even in the flashpoints / operations, but after doing all the side quests once on my main I can't imagine why anyone would watch them again.


2. Operations


These are what is in stored for end game PvE. Like most MMO's of this nature this requires teamwork and good players to complete and you can do them on Normal/Hard/Hardcore modes with 8 or 16 man groups. Unfortunately there are only two ATM. I have completed both on hard mode 16 man and don't care enough about PvE gear to complete them on nightmare.


A) Gear Grind


Lets be honest. This is the only reason to do the same operation more then once. To get yourself and your guild geared out for the next difficulty. Gear drops pretty fast and especially on hard mode. I have obtained 3 pieces of gear from one hard mode 16 man before. I currently have 6 pieces of my Columni gear and can't bring myself to spend 2+ hours doing them again for a chance to get doubles and maybe 1-2 pieces of gear.


B) Bosses


These are honestly the easiest part of each Operation. The trash are really difficult at times lol especially our first couple of runs through it. Maybe it was because we were impatient, but w/e. The bosses are really simple and easy to beat. Of course I bet they are difficult on nightmare, but I can't see a reason to do nightmare when you can get all your gear from normal and hard mode.


3. War Zones


As of now we have three war zones and one is a rugby type called Huttball, one is a point capture and hold called Alderaan Civil War and one is an invasion type called Voidstar. All three require teamwork and people being on their game at all times.


A) AFK / Leaving


While I do enjoy the fact that if you AFK in a war zone while in your spawn you will get kicked, but this is easily avoidable by just moving to a hiding spot away from your spawn and AFKing there. If you do leave or get kicked there is no penalty for doing so. Like Rift if you quit a war zone you get a deserter debuff and you can't requeue for what I believe was 15 min. I don't understand why this isn't implemented into this game. It is game breaking because once people start leaving you are outnumbered for up to 1-2 min while more people come in and that just spells disaster for your chance to win.


B) Alderaan


This is by far the best war zone IMO. I have the most fun on this one simply because you work to capture a point and then you protect it and you get awarded for doing so by medals. It is easy to direct people where to go and to move from point to point to help each other out. The only problem I have with this war zone is that if you capture a neutral turret at the beginning of a match it takes ~6 sec for it to fire on the imperial ship where it is instant fire once capture for imperials to hit republic ship.


C) Voidstar


This is the 2nd best IMO out of the three and simply because again it is a neutral playing field. This one has bugs though and one was recently patched. It is not as easy to work as a team unless doing a premade with guild members, but can be done. This one currently has a bug where Republic can jump over the force field wall and be near the door ready to plant on attackers side way before the round starts. There was a bug where you could cap doors in stealth, but I believe that one was fixed.


D) Huttball


The worst of all three war zones. This one has some bugs, but they are minor. The problem with this is all about your classes abilities. Force Leap and Escape being the primary two OP skills in huttball. A lvl 50 Guardian can leap to a friendly player ever 15 sec I believe from 30m away and makes it really easy to get past fire pits and evade enemies. I am not sure what the ability is called but there is one that pulls a friendly target from 30m away to you also, but I believe it has a 1m cool down. This can easily be avoided though by keeping an eye out for people who are moving ahead of the ball carrier and knowing your classes and spells. I tend to pull via harpoon enemies that are going ahead waiting for a pass, pull, or jump to.


4. Open World PvP


This in its current form on Ilum is almost non existent. The first two days of the Ilum patch to make dailies/weekly missions require kills and not point control was the most fun I had in this game. Now it is one little skirmish and whichever team lost goes and hides in their base. I am currently on a Republic dominated server called Crucible Pits and every time we go out to Ilum with ops groups of about 40-50 people we kill the guys camping our base and might fight them once on our way to their base in central assault, but eventually we will be doing the same to them at their base.


A) Player World Cap


Huge mistake IMO, but it seems like to me this is just a temporary fix for the time being until they fix the lag/UI/graphics in Ilum to where it can run decently for once. Though there are ways around the player cap and I think I have still seen 120+ in one instance of Ilum it is still restricting and all it does is allow whoever is getting tired of being beaten a way to leave the zone and continue what they were already doing without harassment that was happening on the previous world.


B) Defenses


So there are no actual defenses in this game as of yet. The turrets outside the base are buggy and in open field so they are very difficult to defend and if you get on and off them too much they completely bug out and don't come back until the servers are restarted. There are two turrets inside the base that now one shot people as they go into the enemy base. Which is why all that happens now is PvP at one of the bases entrances and instead of at their spawn.


C) Fun Factor


None really. I do my daily which takes about 30 min at most and leave the area. There is no reason to stick around once you have battlemaster other then for titles and maybe a new mount, but I don't care much for either of those as I use The Pure title and my Light V mount.


5. RNG


Nope not rangers, but RNG (Random Number Generator). This is a system I believe used by developers of an MMO at first release to show players the lack of content they have for their game. Anything that is based on a straw pull and not player skill is deferred to as a causal player mechanic, but not correct. A casual player can play any MMO and eventually be good at it. It doesn't need RNG systems or anything like that. They just need time and any long lasting MMO can provide that. What RNG should be titled is a Lack of Content Game Mechanic. Where they keep people who "rush" to Battle Master or to lvl 50 playing every day by keeping them on the edge of their seats waiting for that next piece of gear. BTW I have been lvl 50 for over 3 weeks now and I have 8 helmets, 5 relics, 0 Chest Armor, 0 Gloves and 1 of everything else that is Champion/Battlemaster. I am not doing it anymore. I only do my Ilum daily and that is it. I hate war zones.


6. Balance / Class Diversity


This is a big problem for me. I play an MMO for one reason and that is to play with lots of other people in a huge world and to kill large groups of other players. I am a PvP fanatic and I love it. I also like D&D the table top version and the games based on its rule sets. I like how every class in the actual D&D system kind of works on a Rock/Paper/Scissors type of archetype. What I don't like is how this game has "balanced" classes to get rid of the Rock/Paper/Scissors archetype classes and made them all ROCKROCKROCK.


A) Mages


While they do wear light armor and are considered "Squishy" they are all but that. Each one of these classes has abilities to completely escape combat with any target that would win a fight against them and has other abilities to turn the tides vs more "tanky" style classes. Whether it be long CC's, Heals, or snares these classes have them all and some even have defensive bubbles that allow them to take damage for long periods of time while still dealing out the most DPS. Any player who knows how to play this class will not lose a 1v1 fight vs a trooper heavy armor type class. Healers being the only exception to this and they should never 1v1 anything since they are support classes to begin with.


B) Medium / Utility


These are the classes that are in between most of them have nice utility skills that make up for them not being the highest DPS in the game. These classes have skills like vanish that allow them to exit combat for a short period of time and go stealth while doing so. Sure if they have a DoT on them then they will break out of stealth, but this can be avoided if played correctly. Stuns, knock backs, and snares are highly utilized by these classes also. These can lead to deadly combos that spell death for any player not ready for them. Once again they have the ability to 1v1 any class if played correctly and can easily escape danger if they can't.


C) Heavy armor


These classes can spec DPS and unleash hell on the playing field, but are also very weak to most damage types since it would be OP to tank everything. Heavy armor does not prevent damage from internal or elemental damage and these classes are very susceptible(Sp?) to CC since they rely on close to medium range combat. These classes should not do the most DPS, but they can. Again with the system of classes in this game every class can deal the most DPS and have the most survivability depending on how you spec them.


In conclusion this game needs work and I haven't seen anything from Bioware that has said that this game will be revamped to be the best PvP game ever and that is what I am looking for. Good Luck to everyone who wants to stick through it and have fun with your alts and and raids. I for one am tired of doing everything over and over for chance.

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Since this isn't one big ball of rage, I'm not going to give you the normal response for these types of threads.


However, I am going to inform you that your reasoning for canceling your subscription is completely irrelevant to my gameplay experience, and the issues you have listed are well-known throughout this forum.

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Hello everyone!


In order to keep our discussions more orderly, If you have suggestions for the game, we have a fantastic threads for suggestions and bugs and encourage you to continue your discussion there. You can also report bugs in-game by typing /bug into your chat window.


Thank you for understanding and helping us make sure that the forums are as constructive and helpful as possible!

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