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Lava Crystals and Kaiburr crystals - Possible in future patches?


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I'd be very interresting to see if there is any plans for making the Lava Crystal available in any future patch. Maybe also giving it some special effects like what they are supposed to have like bits of lava and flames dropping off the blade sometimes, shining extremely bright and being engulfed in flames around the blade(s) you wear and shining with a magma/lava red color or something to make it looking extremely malevolent color compareable to standard Red color, and that you gotta be lvl 50 on the lower end of the Dark Side sphere to use it (as how the alignment is now, dunno if it will be scrapped in future since people are asking for it alot).


Ofcourse this has to be a kinda rare color, and bop from raid bosses would make it harder to get and overall making the wielder of the lightsaber looking unique amongs all these red and violet wielding Darths out there ;)


If you are wielding double bladed lightsaber or two lightsabers there would drop two imo, depending on who picks it up or being given to.


And how about the Kaiburr crystal? That could be something that would be the single most powerfull lightsaber crystal in the game, amplifying the characters powers greatly as it is told to do in lore, maybe not so much but alot to increase damage, force, and skill power by a great margin. This would have to be a crystal that could only be found in endgame bosses and only dropped if you have done a complicated quest chain.


Aside from the great amount of stat improvement it would give any user in his/her blade(s), there would be a unique choice with this crystal as you could actually affect how the color would look like, it would also surround the character with a flow of the force that reflected how your Light/Dark side enlightment is, from brightest white to blackest possible, in between, far/short into each way and so on depending on what it is ranked at. A Jedi with fully ranked Light side enlightment would be engulfed in an shining light that makes the Jedi look like he/her is one with the force while still be alive, and a Sith would having a extremely black/dark aura with the dark side surrounding him/her, like the blackest possible thunderstorm with lightnings sometimes flashing, as if he/her stood in middle of a red/black thunderstorm made out of the Dark Side. The eyes would shine differently depending on the enlightment of the wielder, it could for example look like star light was shining through the eyes of a fully lightsided Jedi, or allmost shining like a red lightsabers inner glow through the eyes of a fully dark sided Sith or like something like force lighting was being prepared to be shot from the eyes, that dark blue shining(purple? I'am partly colorblind..)


Aside from the color of the lightsaber that would be unique as you can custom make it as you want, it also has a similar effect like with how the character itself would be engulfed with, i don't think i need to explain that to but it would be similar by alot.


It could also has the unique power to actually give the character some certein talent like powers which is only possible whilst being used in a lightsaber, maybe making monsters cancel fighting you and fleeing away from you and refusing to fight you even if you stay near them, maybe also changing the voice of the character or something :)


I'd love to see the Lava Crystal ingame :)

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