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Idea: Dedicated Open World PvP Planet


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Aside from introducing new gameplay, one of the purposes in this idea is to help resolve player imbalance with open world PvP. Another goal is it can bring open world pvp to the PvE servers while not forcing it on any players. A slight inspiration for this idea is LOTRO's Ettenmoors, where players are free to PvP, but PvE players can completely ignore and never need to visit.


This is a planet in a system controlled by the Hutts. A recent discovery of [valuable resource] on one of the planets has been found that is crucial to the war between the Empire and the Republic. The Hutts are fighting between themselves over control of this new discovery and scrambling to setup a base of operations on the planet to control it. Until now, the planet has been ignored.


The value of the resource has caused both the Republic and the Empire to send support covertly. The Hutts are hiring anyone willing to join their cause under the rule that they must leave their war behind and fight the Hutt's war instead while they are on the planet.


Upon arriving at the planet, players choose which faction to align themselves with. As part of PvP imbalance, the faction with the fewest number of players will have a bonus to provide incentive for more players to join their side. Once the player has been hired by a faction, they land at that faction's spaceport. The factional agreement lasts only until the player leaves the planet in their ship, at which point the player can choose a different side.


The planet itself is open world PvP where the friendly & hostile is based solely on the faction registered under. Daily quests here can involve sabotaging the mining equipment of hostile factions, as well as killing opposing players. I'm sure avid PvPers can come up with a wealth of great ideas for this.


Other possible ideas to enhance this:

- Minimum time when registering with a faction before being allowed to change factions

- Cross server PvP, particularly for the PvE servers which may have problems getting enough players interested

- Mercenary NPCs to help the unbalanced factions make up numbers as an alternative (or in addition to) a valour bonus for players on a smaller faction

- Instead of 3 Hutt factions (how boring), make it 1 Hutt faction, and 1 Black Sun faction, and 1 of The Exchange, or replace them with whatever large criminal organization is appropriate.

- Add player controlled vehicles & turrets (Anarchy Online did this, and it made PvP a lot more accessible for casual PvEers). In AO, turrets are immobile. Players either choose anti-personnel turrets (which rip players to shreds) or anti-vehicle turrets (which do the same to mechs), or they choose slow moving Mechs which are made for taking out turrets. This is Star Wars. Vehicle warfare is part of it, and this would be a great place to implement it.

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