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1 - get rid of all the crowd control. crowd control is not a viable mechanic for pvp. just because wow did it doesnt mean you should. when i get chain stunned or frozen in place repeatedly and cannot defend myself at all its not pvp


at the most: one crowd control ability per character, with a bit of a cooldown, should be all there is. not something that can be spammed. not something that can last till the other player is dead. and certainly not something that can be applied multiple times from several players to completely prevent any action from the one getting attacked.




2 - your "bolster" icon in warzones is a complete lie. either actually balance players like the bolster icon leads us to believe it does, or separate players into different tiers and allow ALL of us access to balanced pvp gear at all lvls from 10 to 50. the system as it is now is not fun and certianly is not balanced.

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