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Regarding PvP Balance. Good for Bioware to read! :)


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People are trying to say certain classes are OP. If that is true why am I on the top no matter what class I play. I must say the main reason is people simply are not to bright when it comes to PvP in this game. The game is very balanced and it does not matter if you are imperial or republic both sides are exactly the same with different skill names. Same damage different effect(As in Animation). The source below proves this and I personally know just from the sheer amount of characters that I've made as you can see.


I'm writing this simply so people know a little bit more about the game. Also if you change the keybindings a lot you'll have about 2-3x more actions to use instently then any other person giving you a huge advantage over any standard player. So far...the best way to test classes is at level 49 with duels because at 50 there is an extremely large difference in strengths due to the gear.


Things like tracer missles and grav bombs can be easily interupted making these skills people believe to be "OP" absolutely useless. Interupting also takes care of a healer like no other. Most people lose to a healer because they allow them to just heal up and do nothing to stop them from doing it which I find pretty entertaining.


Also these Sages/Sorcs that try to DPS make me lawl hard. There is no way you will EVER out dps Sents/Marauders. Sages/Sorcs are the best healers in the game at 40 it's quite possible to hit over 300k in heals which is far more then I've seen anything else do I have a 50 Operative(Same thing as scoundrel) so I know all to well that Sages/Sorcs can out heal them with no problems. If you think of it like WoW. It's like watching a bunch of shadow priests running around saying I CAN DPS! Funny stuff.


Overall the game is balanced but the different skill trees are more meant for PvE and being able to do as you wish but when it comes to being on a team in PvP there is no question classes should be as they are intended to be.


About Operative being over powered. Yes this is a common one. I have hit 43 kills 0 deaths as an operative and I can easily tell you my weakness. Tanks...who have immunity to CC easily take out an Operative. Also the commando's that randomly scan are the other reason Operatives do great. You have to think logically on where a person might be not just randomly scan and hope you hit them. I have fought many scoundrels and other operatives and win almost every single time. So to say they are OP is not entirely true other players will be better then others.


I've been on the top with the following classes:

Sage(300k Heals)

Operative(260k dmg 0 deaths 43 kill is the current record)

Jedi Shadow(200+k at only level 35!) I believe at 40+ this character will also be around my Operative without a doubt.

Guardian(Protection, being a pure tank helps a team more then you can image they are more of a distraction but one of the easiest classes to hit the top of the scoreboard due to protection. With a healer and a sent/marauder this 3 man team can be extremely deadly and hard to kill)


Keybindings redone:

Actions left quickbar:

q,e,r,t,z,x,c,v,b,f(if your not a sniper/gunlinger/scoundrel/operative)

Character Screen: J

Weapon Sheath: H

Inventory is already mapped twice so it's I by default as well as B no reason to have it twice.

Sitting: Just type/sit? No reason for this to be X.



I forgot to add that Q and E are for strafing but if you just hold right click you can turn instently and it makes A & D strafe anyway so no reason for that either. This is also another huge advantage. The ability to quickly turn and target people...you would not believe how hard this is for so many people.


Knowledge is power!


Source proving theory:



Hyperspace Cannon:

Jedi Shadow 36

Marauder 12

Guardian 30

Operative 50

Juggernaut 15


Nadd's Sarcophagus:

Marauder 26

Guardian 18

Operative 12

Juggernaught 11

Assassin 11

Jedi Sage 41


Dark Reaper:

Scoundrel 11

Marauder 22



Smuggler 4(That time the servers went down and this one stayed up lolz)


So there you go people, there is my "OPINION" on everything. Another thing I hope developers of this game see. Going by what people say on the forum is BY FAR "Minority" that being said. You can not expect to take what people say on the forums and decide the game from that unfortunatly that is a very small amount of people most people simply just dont have the time with work/family/ect to get on here and waste there time trying to describe what they want in the game. They just simply want to play a good solid working game.


Believe what you will, but I can assure you with this many characters you have to admit I'm going to know a thing or 2 about the game I mean...come on.


Also when it comes to nerfing it generally ruins games here's why:

You lose that sense of felling powerful because eventually they will have to thin out the mathamatics so much that a 1on1 fight will take like 20 mintues...stupid...also everyone slowly gets weaker and weaker no one ever gets stronger also stupid...a circle is the best way to do things make 1 class stronger to kill the OP class and so forth I think would not only make every class useful even more but also make it even more fun.


I believe this is already there goal due to Internal/Direct/Elemental damage types that are in the game already. This already makes it very possible to do this.


DCUO had one of the best combat systems of all time no need to even question that. They also had the circle idea and it worked out great but that game was extremely short heh...Anyway just ranting off now I've said what I think lets see what you guys have to say try not to flame please...

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