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No Forum for PVE or Daily PVE


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No FORUM FOR PVE or for Daily tokens in this game.


Example is doing daily quests for Daily Tokens in PVE.


Requirement WRITE DOWN ALL THE MAP LOCATIONS and spend all day finding them.


Next the daily PVE quest sends you to other side of map to do quest then back to turn in the quest. For 1 token.


You get 26 tokens a day for 8 hours work and it takes 150 daily PVE tokens to get a single Ear Piece by itself. A crappy blue one at that.


To get a single piece of gear by doing Daily PVE quests would be 5 days 8 hours a day? If you get very generous you could pull it off in 3 days.


So to compare PVE Dailies to PVP Dailies is almost a joke in results.

1. PVP Dailys are easly to find quest giver and easy to turn in. Take less time and effort.

2. PVE Dailys are hard to find quest giver and hard to turn in. Take 4 time as much time and effort.


Want to know why no one is doing PVE, there you go.

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Quite right, an EXTREMELY lame set up. This is why i'm not re-subscribing. I ignore pvp becuase, well its gash to say the least, finding decent people to do FP's with is difficult atleast on my server and the majority of my guild are below lvl 30...


Absolutly no direction is given with regards to PVE once you hit 50, tbh i dont know what i'm doing/ment to be doing to make the £8 a month seem well spent.


I have various alts, but the lvling is seriously just as boring as the lvl 50 experience...

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