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Out of combat re-stealthing


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It simply takes way too long.


I'm sure all of you know especially in PvP how sometimes you get stuck in combat for nearly 30 seconds without being able to re-stealth, and no I'm not saying "it should be 1 second so we can spam shoot first!!1". We've all seen the "PvP videos" that only showcase shoot firsts against 10k hp sorcerors without bubble, with biochem stim on, biochem adrenaline on, relic power up on and warzone buff up. This makes everyone think we're somehow unstoppable warmachines that simply look at you and you explode.


If you don't count our initial from-stealth opening burst, we're nothing but cannonfodder against warriors or bounty hunters or snipers or sorcerers. Scoundrels have literally zero defensive cooldowns, def. screen absorbs so little damage I can't even tell how much it absorbs without it sounding like I'm making a joke. Dodge doesn't dodge even half the damage that's coming to you and vanish... well guess if you're not dotted you can count running away as defensive cooldown.


28 seconds is the longest I've counted in being stuck in combat in voidstar warzone, it would be faster to get out of combat by simply dying and get respawned, or does Bioware think we'll just go against bounty hunters and marauders with our fists when they will literally destroy you with their superior cooldowns. I mean once you open against the enemy mercenary healer who has any pvp gear there's 100% chance it won't kill him, not in a teamfight. So then what...? Bounty hunters and marauders and sorcerers will do nearly as much burst on you, without needing stealth, that you did and needed stealth to do. Yet you need to hide behind pillars for nearly half a minute to be able to do the same.


Don't hate me for mentioning the unmentionable, but in WoW it took no more and no less than 5 seconds for players to leave combat if not hitting or getting hit, and in WoW rogues didn't get any "upper hand" against any other class for this. We can't pop 99% shieldwalls or use instant heals nor damage shields that actually absorbed 'anything'. Hit'n'run is stealthers way and ATM it's more like Hit'n'afk.


TL;DR Bottom line is we have no comparable defensive cooldowns, stealth hit'n'run ambush is the class defining thing for scrapper scoundrels and right now the ludicrous game mechanics are ruining it for not a single good reason. Just because we can hit hard ONCE does not justify the lack of defensive cooldowns and stripping us from the single class defining ability.


Just my 75 cents.

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