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Red Black TT-15A Powertech armour set


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Hello there,


Does anyone know where I can get hold of this red/black set? It's very similar to the Taris sets but red and black. I'm currently on Voss and have yet to see any pieces.


Also, is there a whole set out there and it is all orange moddable?



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The helmet and chest are from random drops on taris. The legs are from the taris commendation vendor and the gloves are from the specialty vendor.


There is no moddable version of the boots in game, so you either have to get the blue version, which is crafted by an armormech, or the purple prototype version, which is a random drop on taris.

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I know the chest piece has a chance to drop from the final pirate guy in the heroic mission "last of the tarisian pirates" no clue about the helmet. Any recommendations for replacement boots?


I used the purple prototype version of the boots to level 50 and just changed the 2 mods in them out as I leveled. The small loss in stats by doing this was not noticed. Also when the 1.2 patch comes out, you'll be able to replace the armoring mod in them (or colormatch other boots to the set).


Otherwise there are 2 models of orange (moddable) Sith warrior boots that are a close color match that will work, and a set of black boots from Alderaan commendations that I've seen people use.

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