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So going Juggernaut..


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So I picked up the game last thursday, I intended to pick it up at launch but it took some time to convert some of my friends to join me.


Anyhow, I always wanted to become a Juggernaut with my warrior. At first I started with a body type 2, I reached lvl 11 a lot faster than my friends (2nd time running the starting area). But when I came to the fleet I felt like a midget, nothing but body type 3's. I hoped that casters and such would be 2's, but even most sorcerers run around like they are on roids.


Now I know that a 2 probably wasn't the best idea if Vader was your inspiration, but in the beta I felt like a body type 3 was a big ol' oaf. After reading from most people that a 3 becomes a lot better once you start getting the higher end gear.


So I rerolled and went a 3, steamrolled as mad through the korriban part and I have been enjoying my choice so far.


I was wondering though, I went with a bald guy and the most white skin color possible. However, does it become even whiter when you reach the later dark side tiers? It still feels like I am not as pale as some of the other guys I have seen running around.


I also want some input on what you guys think is the most fun levelling spec, I intend on bringing along Vette for the time being (romance, even though I am dark side).



Curious as to what you guys think!

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Oh god why is your text red? It's making my eyes hurt.


But since I'm nice I'll reply anyways.


YMMV but I leveled all the way to 50 as Immortal spec using Vette primarily and switching to my healer any time I wanted to solo [Heroic 2] quests. I used the melee DPS companion for a while but found that her damage simply was not up to snuff no matter how well she was geared.

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