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BW please help fix this twisted pvp system that you have deployed.


I am one of a few that has goten to valor 60+ the legit way. The system is screwed up the most when you get to BM because I am getting crud comms (champ) for items that I have zero use for. I have 30 (thats right, 30) duplicate champion items in my bank that are also useless.


Right now it all seems pretty much pointless anymore since there are countless schmucks kill trading on Ilum. In a week or so some dorkus who will gain BM and beyond by sacrifices his self worth on a rock out there will pass me up, and guess what, when we roll in to the WZ or have a real fight that person will either be at the bottom of the list or drop out if we dont instantly start rolling the other side.


It is a sad day indeed for MMO's!

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