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taking a break, and hopes for the future


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Have been playing a ton since launch and need a break, just burned out. This has always been my pattern with games, on and off.


I did not expect to like this game, expected it to be another over-hyped failure like so many releases the last few years. Picked it up on a whim and was really surprised and impressed. Have had a blast playing.


I'm sure I will be back in a couple of months.


I hope they do figure out a way to balance out the populations between empire and republic. I am on republic side and today we lost 8 out of 10 warzones as is about usual.


Would love to see a character transfer feature so I could move my vanguard to the server I found that I really liked.


Hope endgame pvp does not go the route of WoW...pokeman, compare gear score and really the fighting is a formality. This is my most important concern...if endgame pvp is nothing more than a gear comparison, this will not be the game for me long term.


High res textures!


Barbershop would be nice and squash the rest of the bugs.


May the force be with you all and I will see you down the road.

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