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PVP suggestions for Ilum


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Just finished playing some pvp on Ilum (dark reaper) and had an amazing time. To begin with the rebels were sitting back in their base and both sides were occasionally pulling people past the kill line and everyone was ganking them.


Then a group of rebels circled around the other side of the base and came in behind us. They managed to fracture or group and basically started a massive moving battle between those plasma cannons fighting on top of that large iceberg.


The imperials eventually got control back but there was at least 10-15 min where I could see how much fun Ilum can be.


The rebels should be in an ops group and someone should be organizing them to send guys to flank us so I think we need better ops commander tools. Most importantly we need a way to ping the map so the ops team can rally to a new spot and give attack orders.


1. Give ops commanders a way to ping the maps with rally points and attack orders so everyone in the group can see where they need to go. The chat box is a joke for this. It's more fun to turn it off and play.


I think we can also assume that a team defending their base is going to be outnumbered. If they had the same number of people we'd be fighting in the middle of the map. So those plasma cannons that players can control, put one of those on each side of the base exits so the defending team has a way to equalize those stale mates that happen there. Just having the attacking side back up to that first cannon makes a huge difference.

2. Give base defenses a HUGE buff to account for the fact that if you're fighting in your base then you're likely outnumbered and need some help to make the game interesting for both sides.

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