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PvP is Horribad..


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why is there NO entry lvl PvP gear?

none of my lvl 50 gear has expertise on it.how can u fight when u have PvE gear in a PvP WZ, why can we not have enrty lvl blue PvP gear with PvP stats on it


why dont we have a more in depth bracket system for lvl 50?

(i.e. rank 40 and up in there on bracket)...right now battlemaster who got there gear by farmin the previous sytem now farm those who are new to pvp at lvl 50.


Why is ILUM so broken?

its not even well thought out..and you can die by "the stairs boss" or you can spend 3hrs in a circle getting the bombs and that may increase depending on how many others are doin the daily.



you did a fine job on Pve..but you PvP is so bad its not even worht loggin into. you got my money and shame on me for playin a game at launch.


Im all done for a bit..this games not even worht it.

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Let's listen to opinions from someone who cannot spell the word "worth" correctly.



It's funny how you're complaining about being 50 and not being able to compete against 50's because of the expertise.



I leveled through PvP (mostly) when all levels were in one bracket. At level 16 I was tossing out more heals than level 50's who had PvP gear.



Sorry that they're not making gearing up easy for you like it is in WoW.

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