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Animations + Interrupting


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I seem to be having this issue with my Sentinel when I'm fighting against a Sorc or Bounty Hunter that I need to interrupt.


I'll be in the middle of my rotation, and see something I want/should interrupt. . .but since I'm in the middle of an animation(say cauterize or even zealous strike) I'm unable to hit interrupt in time. It ends up queuing the ability and doing it after they heal/tracer missile thus putting my interrupt on cooldown and me not doing anything.


I have had it a couple times where I anticipate it, and just Slash/Strike until they cast it, and this usually works. But If im in the middle of my rotation, I'm usually always in the middle of an animation/ability and can't fire off that interrupt on time.


Should I be tickling them with Slash/Strike, anticipating the heal(or whatever)? Or is there a better way of doing this?

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Not your imagination the problem truly is animations have to finish before you can interrupt.


Say I as a Scrapper use Distract that is supposed to be instant, well the problem is that if the previous thing I was using is Grenade then until the silly animation is done even if the damage is applied already I can not get the Distract interrupt to work till the animation is finished.


Some class have huge disadvantages a they have long animations that need to finish.


The game should override all animations for any instant ability but does not.

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