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WZ bugs! Just me? Lets Help BW make our gameplay better!


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So i will be going to use my abilities and nothing will happen, it will say target out of range when the targets are right next to me, ill swap targets and still nothing, ill hit escape to make sure im not bugged in chat and nothing.... this will happen for about 30 seconds until i can finally use ablities again... I am not CC'd, I am not interuppted, they are just not working...


Anyone else having this issue?


Also... Whats up with the chain CC while ur resolve bar is full and white... isnt this supposed to grant immunity? Too often the resolve bar ignores immunity and im consistenly perma CC'd... Ive read the guides, ive played tons of wz's and its happened since game released, i do know how resolve is SUPPOSED to work... but why isnt it? Anyone else having these issues?


Please let me know if im alone with these 2 HUGE pvp issues or if some or all of u are experiencing the same so called "bugs"...


If we are still getting these bugs in pvp, then we really need to be loud to BW about it in a constructive manner, not so much of ************ or whining... we need to help BW get down to the nitty gritty of the issue and show them screenshots/videos or whatever other resources will allow them to see what exactly is happening and why...


This game is Epic, yes it has bugs, but they will be fixed, and only be fixed by the players involvement in helping the company realize exactly what is going on... its our responsibility to be the voice for ourself and to raise awareness to BW about major issues causing severe game changing play....


Please let me know If you too are experiencing these issues and let me know what exactly happens and when/where and what you think may be the cause...





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I ll just leave a bug here witch i didnt see any post about it!


If you are trying to reach a healing beam in a wz but someone manage to kill you just as you reach it you will be resurected with the amount of hp the beam provides!I am not an expert but i am sure this tells much on how BW engine calculate stuff(and how they should ask their money back,since they are not capable of making one)


PS:by ressurected i mean you ll se the whole animation that you die,drop in the floor etc,not some laggy 0-25% hp

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