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Camera and Texture Issues


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My boyfriend and I have been experiencing a few issues specifically only when we're in warzones. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced these bugs/problems and if you have any tips or suggestions that we can do?


  1. Camera: This mostly happens to my boyfriend. A lot of times, when he attacks an enemy player, his camera rotates upwards and starts to act erratically and he loses control of it. It takes a couple of seconds to recover and severely disrupts his gameplay.
  2. Texture/Graphics: This just started happening to me today. The texture/graphics for warzones basically don't load properly for me. It only happens in warzones - Huttball, especially. See this as an example.
  3. Raid Frames: He doesn't show up in my raid frames during a game. Which seems minor, but as a healer, it's a giant pain in the behind. Today, I've had a couple of games where I wasn't showing up in my raid frames. See this as an example.


We're both playing on laptops, but they're higher end ones with dedicated cards. I'm not sure what his uses, but mine uses an NVIDIA GT 540M. We're able to run other games quite well, so we're thinking these issues are kind of isolated to SWTOR.


But yes...anyone else experience these? Any tips?


Addendum: Yes, all of our drivers are up to date.

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