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Fix Healing in Warzones - Top Healers NEED Equal Rewards


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I didn't believe at first when I began reading the PVP section of these forums, but you guys are absolutely right.


I started PVP'ing as a healer and found myself getting half the medals if I'm lucky compared to if I DPS'd. I always top the healing meters (#1), follow objectives and throw a little damage when I can and yet I get barely any recognition by your PVP system.


So now I'm forced to play a spec I don't really enjoy in order to advance in PVP.


Fix this game. Perhaps you could copy WoW's system where healers can get a piece of the pie too? People always MVP first place (which is DPS) and rarely any healers.


Do you really want healers to beg for MVP every game in order to get an equal share?

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