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How does Pushback work on Unload?


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Im using this skill over and over and every time I get shot it jumps forward from say 3 secs to 1 second. Does that mean I am loosing a tic of damage or is their some other equation im not seeing? and does that mean I shouldnt use it when someone spots me?


ive Noticed this ESPECIALLY in pve sometimes in PvP.

Ive also watched very carefully at my Fly text and it does seem to skip that last second of potential damage. I am not sure if this is a bug or if getting hit while in a channel reduces it or not the mechanics of channeling skills in this game seems just a tad buggy.


thats just my 2 cents.

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all pushback does is if its a channeled ability, it causes the ability's duration to be shorted thus less damage.


if its a casting time, it just makes it longer.


with the talent in arsenal to reduce pushback by 75% it'll solve most problems but obviously it wont solve everything.


in raid situations this shouldnt ever be an issue since the tank should always have agro, and if you are getting hit, then your doing something wrong, or you have a very poor tank


in solo situations it cant be avoided unless you switch to skadge or blizz, having them tank will mean you wont have any push back problems, but this also means that you must kill them before your companion dies, and i find in elite situations, I need mako to survive it (mostly cuz only mako is geared up for me)

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