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Why are Color Crystals Rare?


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I am not QQing or at least I am not meaning to. I have been pondering why Bioware decided to make any color of color crystals difficult to obtain, I am of the opinion that the players should be able to use any color crystal they want to and I am wondering the developers thoughts on this.


I have read alot of people want to wield white, cyan, purple, magenta and black (White and Purple being the two most popular) and very little information is available on how to obtain those colors. I imagine there are ways other than pvp kits to obtain purple, and I also imagine that purple is available to the republic and not just the empire.


So what was the reasoning on making certain color crystals so difficult to find and why after a month do we still not know the location of the "dozens" of different color crystals that are in the game? Are there ways to obtain the rarer colors similar to how to obtain the magenta color crytal or are they only obtainable as world boss drops (this is what I have gathered for white) and pvp kits?



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