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Sith Masks / Armor options


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One thing I have not been able to find and have not seen on any lvl 50 players is the Sith Mask/hood combo from the first game trailer when the Sith invade the Jedi temple. I was really disappointed that those masks were not an option. More variety in the masks and in armor in general would be great. People close in level to each other tend to have the same armor. I love the orange items as it lets you keep the look you want for as long as you want. But with all the armor options in the game, and I know there is a TON of them, why do I only see a small amount of variety? Are the Orange items killing the viability of the other armor options? If so maybe more items should be made orange. Or when an orange drops, it has three or four graphic possibilities to spice up the diversity.

oh, and again, Sith masks from game trailer *waves hand*


I would like to thank the Dev team in advance for taking the time to read this. See you on the battlefield.

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