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[Stream]Level 50 Battlemaster Sorcerer Q&A


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Of the Swotr streams to watch the Delicious Pancake Squad is one everyone should keep their eye on, even if they don't primarily PvP. The combination of personalities from Artoxcis, Ick, Vince, and even more guest casters always provide for an extremely entertaining performance.


The casters make sure to get as many questions as they can answered, even if they have nothing to do with Swotr. This is an aspect not found in many other casts, where they will largely ignore discussion in the chat.


This sort of dedication has led to many of the viewers to reroll on the Bondar Crystal server these fine folks are playing on. One switcher was even a few days from Battlemaster!


Even if you aren't going to give such dedication to the stream, check them out pretty much any time of the day. They try their best to keep a 24/7 cast alive, a feat that is being pulled of splendidly considering the small crew that is managing it.


tl;dr Watch this stream!

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