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CVP Formal Query #1 - Customer Satisfaction


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Welcome to the first of what shall perhaps be many formal, if conversationally conducted, queries of the respondant playerbase!


A few simple guidelines I would like to present for participating productively in this and all following CVP formal query threads is thus: Please refrain from discussing or criticizing other peoples' posts in response to the query.


I would very much prefer to not see people start attacking eachother over differing perspectives or for utilizing points of reasoning in their answers some might disagree with, feel to be incorrect or otherwise.


I would suggest that all of those that choose to respond focus mostly on giving their own answers in expression of what they truly think and feel.


I would also discourage lengthy discussion on this thread between posters about their given answers even if it doesn't come anywhere near degenerating into throwing dead cats at one another, as the side discussion would, for this thread's purpose, be much better suited to another thread altogether, which anyone so inclined would be welcome to start if they feel that it is worth their time to so do.



And so, without further ado, I give you the first (but probably not the last) CVP Formal Query!




*** How do you feel Bioware/SWTOR are doing in regard to securing and retaining your interest in subscribing for another month?



*** What do you feel, in your own words, are the three most important determining factors for generating your interest in an MMO?



*** What do you feel, in your own words, are the three most important determining factors for retaining your interest in an MMO once it has been successfully generated and you're out there playing the game in question?





And that's all! Thank you in pre-emptive gratefullness to all of those that may respond constructively to this formal query for both your time and, I hope, your constructive candor!

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