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[Suggestion] Pod Racing and Cantinas


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So there are a couple of threads about how to make cantinas more immersive. The methods I've seen are listed below:


1. Pazaak


2. Pod racing


3. Centralize LFG tool meet location at them


4. Bounty Board for open world PvP random bounties


5. Bulletin Board for guild members to post notes


6. Swoop racing


7. Open world PvP base, which is a huge topic on its own


Well I wanted to expand my ideas for pod racing, because I don't think this topic is discussed enough. My ideas for pod racing :


I. General ideas


1. Stream the races from every cantina in the galaxy.


2. Allow betting on pods; assign racers numbers, or call signs. For the duration of the race it would be cool to pull up a screen and follow the race in any given camera view.


A. First / third person ( however you want to setup the actual race camera ) of the person you bet on


B. Or possibly allow cycling through all the drivers


II. Tatooine concept


1. Centralized hub to see the race live


2. Racers meet here to be in the event.


3. You can purchase parts to upgrade your racer, trade, maybe missions for scavengers to go out and seek parts.


4. Have the races be a mini game but at the same time active in the open world. What I mean here is, alter the planets terrain to incorporate the racetrack and have the races live so random people leveling can just so happen to randomly see the race going on if they run into the racetrack.


III. Racing and Pod ideas


1. Make racers actually compete.


A. What I mean by this is allow racers to do things like bet on their own pods for pink slips, credits, etc. you could do this through the registr. A cool idea would be to have the cartel or whoever you want bet on you. If you win you gain affection, but if you lose you have the option to pay up or fight back. This could be manageable with other players as well. If you run off your name can be added to the bounty board!


So far these are my ideas. Sorry for the sloppy post, I'm posting from my phone! Please feel free to add constructive comments! If this thread takes off I'll keep it updated regurally and clean it up accordingly!

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