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Consular for Life?


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I am having a problem getting my advanced class.


I accepted the advanced class quest as I boarded the Fleet station.

I was talking with the advanced class trainer. I was looking at the skill trees.


Then my companion returned from a crew skill mission. His Mission Completion window popped up and pushed out the Advanced Class selection window. I accepted the Mission Completion rewards and another reward window.


When I dismissed the Skill Tree window, there was no longer a window to select an advanced class.

The Advanced Class trainer would not talk with me.

The Advanced Class quest giver would not give me the quest again.

The quest is no longer in my quest queue for Reset or Abandon.

My Character sheet says "Jedi Consular".


I visited Coruscant to perhaps find an alternative quest giver. No luck. Coruscant Advanced Trainer did not want to talk either.


Sincerely, Consular for Life

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