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Suggestions for the future of PvP


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First I would like to say I have been playing MMO's for about 12 years, and gaming in general for about 20 years. I live for PvP like many others. I would like to think I have a good understanding on what makes PvP good for the majority of people.


I have noticed Typically MMOs that have Instanced Player Combat, ie warzones, Tend to forget how not fun it is to have multiple people gang up or focus fire you down. Now most people do not have a problem if they die, Barley loosing a 1v1 or a 1v2 is what keeps people playing trying to improve their skills, and keeps it exciting. So I would like to suggest looking at the MOBA genre formula for PvP and there is no denying the success it has had with certain games.


So why is the MOBA genre of PvP been so popular? Well several factors are at work, but the main ones are that the games do not have a lot of people playing typically. 10 People 5 v 5, has always been the favorite of gamers since I can remember.


Smaller sized teams means you have more sway over wining or losing. It also instills greater accomplishment to the player.


Another important aspect of it is everyone typically starts on a even playing field. There is no pointless games because the other person out gears you. When it comes to gear, and stats, well most people are happy just looking cool.


Another key factor I believe is forcing people into smaller, 1v1 , 2v2 situations then culminating to a large group encounter. I don't like naming games but League of Legends has had tremendous success and I believe this is why, another game I can think of was counter-strike was extremely popular and is a main factor in the birth of competitive gaming. In counter-strike 1 team would defend 1 team would plant the bomb. Defenders and often the attackers would split up, allowing not numbers, or better gear determine the outcome, but the better skilled, and sometimes luck.




So I would like to suggest some ideas for future warzones.


a 5v5 map, Bomb plant and defuse. 3 bomb sites, 2 sites need to be sliced in order for the countdown to start. Bombs can be defused. Countdown timer 45 seconds. Defuse timer 15 seconds. One spawn location for each team, at least 30 seconds from each site.

I would also suggest putting somewhat weak NPCs at each site.



I would like to hear what others think. Thanks for reading.

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