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2 Suggestions


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I have 2 suggestions for you Bioware.


First will be this. Instance Quest for all non - storyline quest. I already had a few people just quit the game because they are getting bored of the cinematic in game. Yes there is a space bar, however after you done the quest once on 1 character you dont want to deal with the whole cinematic again. I just cant get into playing an alt because of this, and many people really just want the quest then go and play. Most people dont care for the Star Wars Game lore really, (I do but others I have played MMOs with for years just like to play an MMO for content not Lore) and like I said class storyline is 1 thing.


As for my second suggestion. Do something with the Dailies. Too much time is spent on the dailies. Yea you need to nerd them because well as a healer they are a *****, DPS classes do them in half the time. Sorry but Dailies are really meant to be a way of making money in an MMO, not to grind for levels or anything that makes a huge difference. Its for credits for repairs and crafting. Also they are way too spread out. Please with the new planet move them together. I should not need to spend 3 to 4 hours to do dailies. I believe in effort = reward, however traveling to the different locations for these quest is not effort its monotonous.

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