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What's the big deal?


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If you don't like Voice Overs, or missioning with side quests only your class story and space bar through everything, EVEN SO this is a game BioWare made for bringing their story stuff to the mmo world...


WHY ARE YOU PLAYING? Why do people still play it if they complain about "bioware..what the hell...why do voice...




Because they wanted to. They feel it was better for getting into your character and being more immersive and caring more. They were right.


If the game isn't for you, no need to come on the forums and bash it like there is no other game. Just don't play! What...do you want someone to feel sorry for you that you bought it?

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You say they brought story into the game. I disagree. The brought voice overs into the game. The majority of quests you have basically take the uninspired quest text from other games, make it a voice over and give you the options to


A) accept cause you agree

B) accept it for the credits

C) refuse the quest


Thats story?


Your main plot path is set in stone regardless of your choices. How does this differ from most other games?

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